New Skyfall Trailer!

Perhaps to follow up on Daniel Craig and the Queen’s big Olympic performance, Columbia Pictures has decided to release yet another trailer for the upcoming Bond movie Skyfall. But unlike the one that premiered after Craig and Queen Elizabeth II’s show, this one is way bigger and badder! Guess they thought the last one was underwhelming considering all it was competing with in London. I sure as hell thought so! And here it is, check it out!

Skyfall – Official teaser trailer

Good news everybody! The people who brought you Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace have finally released a teaser trailer for the new Bond movie. I know this doesn’t quite fall into the category of science fiction, but I love the new Bond films. And if it’s of interest to me and to others, I’m sure to post about it!

Named Skyfall, the new movie is apparently going to involve revelations about M and an attack on MI6. In the course of it all, Bond’s loyalty will be tested, and he will have to make more sacrifices to save the only home he’s ever known and only job he’s ever been good at. Check out the trailer below.