Epic Rap Battles: Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye

erb_invbn1As a nerd and historian, I am obliged to share these latest Epic Rap Battles of History videos. First up, there’s Sir Isaac Newton Vs. Bill Nye. In addition to being funny, I think it set a record for most featured performers. These included Weird Al Yankovic in the role of Sir Isaac Newton and hip-hop artist Chali 2na in the role of Neil deGrasse Tyson, who jumps in at the fourth verse to give Bill Nye some much needed assistance.

Second, there’s the battle between revolutionaries George Washington vs. William Wallace. While this one didn’t feature anyone famous, it was some of Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD’s best work. And like all of their best videos, it is both educational and classically hilarious! Enjoy!

Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye:

George Washington vs. William Wallace:



Epic Rap Battles of History – Rick Grimes vs. Walter White

frank-grimes-walter-white-epic-rap-battleDuring my usual morning consultation of my email and internet subscriptions, I came across a new video by ERP. In this latest showdown, which is once again pop-culture gold, we get cable TVs most popular fathers – Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead and Walter White of Breaking Bad. What better way to generate comedy than to match up a post-apocalyptic dad who was forced to kill his wife’s reanimated corpse, and a chemist who began cooking meth to ensure his family’s future and then became a ruthless kingpin?

And as usual, Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD are just awesome in their roles! Seriously, they just BECOME whoever they’re imitating. Enjoy!