Big Bang Theory Flash Mob!

My thanks to Rami for bringing this one to my attention. Man, I can be so out of it when it comes to pop culture sometimes! But I think you’ll agree, this is not something any fan of Big Bang Theory, or flash mobs for that matter, could afford to miss. Downright awesome in terms of its sheer suddeness, choreography and presentation. One has to wonder how you organize something like this considering all the people and coordinating dancing involved.

Be sure to watch to the end too. Not only do they cover many different songs, but the finish caps it off with hilarity! And the cast themselves, they got some sweet-ass dance moves. Mainly I just watching Penny – God, is she hot! – but Howard, Raj, Leonard and Bernadette bust a few too. Man, that’s a good show. Enjoy the clip!

Big Bang Theory, Season Six

Man I love this show! Before it came around, scientific theories and geeking out weren’t considered mainstream at all. And for those who enjoy the show, the season 5 ender was quite the cliffhanger. The gang got together to give Howard and Bernadette a wedding before his big mission, Howard was seconds away from being launched into space, and everyone, including Sheldon and Amy, joined hands to wish him well. Touching, and also pretty hilarious!

Check out the promo for the Season 6 opener which promises to have more hijinks. Naturally, they open with a sci-fi reference, this one to Alien – “In Space No One Can Hear You Scream…” Just two weeks to go… man, they sure are taking their time on this one!