Big Bang Theory, Season Six

Man I love this show! Before it came around, scientific theories and geeking out weren’t considered mainstream at all. And for those who enjoy the show, the season 5 ender was quite the cliffhanger. The gang got together to give Howard and Bernadette a wedding before his big mission, Howard was seconds away from being launched into space, and everyone, including Sheldon and Amy, joined hands to wish him well. Touching, and also pretty hilarious!

Check out the promo for the Season 6 opener which promises to have more hijinks. Naturally, they open with a sci-fi reference, this one to Alien – “In Space No One Can Hear You Scream…” Just two weeks to go… man, they sure are taking their time on this one!

18 thoughts on “Big Bang Theory, Season Six

  1. I love this show and hate that I haven’t been able to get it since I gave up cable. It is on my list to start buying in boxed sets. I’ve dated a few of those guys. Those ‘stereotypes’ are not as over the top as some people seem to think.

  2. If you’re excited for the 6th season of BBT, do an impression of your favorite character (except for Sheldon’s “bazinga”). Here’s mine:
    “HOWARD! Whaddya mean, I ruined space for you? I sent up your fuzzy Pooh Bear blanket, the one you wear when you’re cold on winter nights!”

      1. Okay, how well do you know this show? This is uncanny! Also:

        “Ma! I don’t need to make an appointment! I already switched to boxers. Besides, the low gravity is good for my motility!”

      2. i started watching reruns on fox this summer; it was a good show to watch after work when i was cooking dinner. also:
        “Boxers shmoxers! The men on your father’s side of the family have fewer big families than that Indian boy’s home country has Longhorn Steakhouses!”

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