Crashland – Chapter 15, Now Appearing At Story Time!

by F4U DraconiX

Hello all! After another brief hiatus, thing at Story Time are on the move once again! My apologies for anyone who actually follows Crashland, but due to multiple obligations, I find it takes me longer to update this story these days. Nevertheless, chapter 15 is now available and ready for your votes.

Last time, Holden was told that his best friend in the Exigencies cell was in a coma, and that the team’s doctor was dead. Team leader Kurzweil, who had never been a fan of Holden’s, said he was to blame and his time with them was coming to an end. After leaving Holden with this terrible news, he ordered Molya to make the call.

His choices were simple. Administer an overdose of hydromorphone and kill Holden, administer a sedative that would put him in a coma, or take him to a side tunnel and put a bullet in him. Faced with those choices, readers were asked to make a choice of their own. Would Molya a) disobey and help William escape, b) try to reason with Kurzweil, c) kill William or d) put him in a coma?

Audiences voted and the choice was clear: Molya would try to reason with Kurzweil for Holden’s life. Come on by and see what comes of that. Then stick around and vote on what happens next. It’s all happening over at Story

Crashland Chapter 14, Now Appearing at Story Time

Wow, it’s been awhile since I updated this story last. And I believe it was even longer before I updated it before that. But as I’m sure I’ve said, I’ve taken on some other writing responsibilities of late and it seems I’ve finally reached my creative limit. That’s what you get for constantly pushing your boundaries I guess.

Still, today I managed to tear myself away from my other writing and editing commitments and dedicate some much needed attention to Story Time and this unfolding serial novel. And I’m sure you’ll agree, this one’s also a doozy! Much like the last one, the choice is once again a matter of life and death.

Last time, William found himself trapped in a collapsing subway tube and slowly dying from internal injuries. Slipping into unconsciousness, he once again experienced an intense dream that seemed to be speaking to him, almost as if someone else were inside his head and using his memories to give him instructions.

He then woke to find Jacobs standing over him and urging him to follow him out. Though he practically had to be carried, William and Jacobs managed to struggle their way out of the collapsing tube just as the last of it came crashing down. Unfortunately, Jacobs appeared to be mortally wounded, and the people tending to William mentioned that one other person in their party had died as a result of the cave in. Readers were asked to decide which person that would be.

The choice was a tough one. Would it be Simon, the cybernetically enhanced post-human that all their efforts depended on? Would it be Molya, the team’s gunman who never seems to stray far? Or would it be Jorka, the team’s medic and the only woman William had set eyes on since the Crash began. As it turned out, audiences decided on Jorka, the female medic who was intrinsic in saving William’s life. Thus, chapter 14 opens with the revelation that not only was she killed, but that Jacobs was mortally wounded while attempting to save William’s life.

The story is on the move once more. So come on by and check it out, and as usual, stick around to vote on what happens next! It’s all happening over at Story

Thanks Twitterers!

I recently noticed that some of my buds here have been sharing my articles over on Twitter quite regularly. I can only assume that they did this out of sheer awesomeness, and that in doing so they sent some more traffic my way. As such, I want to thank those responsible. So thank you to the following people (and their twitter handles):

Cassie Hynds (@CassieHynds) – erotic fiction writer and critic who frequently includes me in her “awesome author” posts. Don’t know what she sees in my humble sci-fi blog, but who am I to complain?
Goran Zidar (@GZidar)
– my colleague over at Grim5Next and a fellow writer. His YA, paranormal works can also be found on Story, which by the way he is the creator of!
Vanessa Howe (@geekinacardigan)
– fellow geek, sci-fi enthusiast, and Firefly acolyte who seems to appreciate this stuff even more than I do. Didn’t think that was possible, but again, can’t complain! Good to have such people in my corner.
khaalidah (@khaalidah)
– mother, wife, and fellow writer and colleague over at Grim5Next who’s cross cultural insights and personal touch with her writing puts me in awe. As a working mother, she often asks other writers where we find the time. Me? I wonder how SHE finds the time to produce these gems!
Nina D’Arcangela (@Sotet_Angyal)
– a horror writer and the woman behind Siren’s Call Publications, she’s also a colleague over Grim5Next, not to mention the woman who beta’d my contribution to our anthology. She’s a talent scout people, put in a good word for me!
Maureen Hovermale (@zencherry)
– writer, reviewer, voracious reader, this woman does it all and has the scars (and writer’s callouses, apparently) to prove it! I hope to keep garnering her attention, she sounds like she could worth impressing!

An extra shout out to all those who have given me any kind of promotion or reblogged me over the last two years. You’re a cornerstone of the edifice known as DIY writing! I hope I can return the favor someday. Like my pa always says, “It’s takes about 20 years to become an overnight success.” So my philosophy is, any breaks we can give each other are golden! So thank you all for and good luck in all your endeavors!

Crashland – Chapter 11, Now Appearing at Story Time!

Alright! After days and days of sinking my teeth into utopian lit, I’ve finally managed to get back to my dystopian ways! Which means that Chapter 11 of Crashlands is now available over at Story Time. And as promised, things are getting tense!

Last time, Holden was introduced to the being known as “Simon”. As usual it was up to the voting audience to determine what Simon was. Was he a cyborg that could interface with any machine on the planet? Was he a Nexus, a special type of Cyborg that authorities use to monitor the infobahn? Or was he a cyber terrorist that they had captured and turned to their cause?

Well, after some deliberation and a plea from the author, audiences got their votes in, a tie was broken, and Simon was declared a Nexus! Now, in chapter 11, we get to learn more about him, what his purpose is in their mission, and how Holden is expected to help him out. He also learns, now and for the first time, exactly where they will be heading to.

And so the question is once again posed to you, the voting audience: what happens next? Come on over and see what happens in this chapter, then stick around to decide on the next outcome. It’s in your hands people, whatever you say goes!

Crashland – Chapter 4, now appearing at Story Time!

The votes are finally all in! After much ado, Crashland, chapter 4 is now appearing over at Story! Thus far, the infopocalypse has occurred, the great city of BosWash has fallen into darkness and despair, and the protagonist – William Holden – found himself alone in the streets. At least, until a group of thugs approached him and tried to take him for all he had left.

After trying to shoot his way out, Holden was overwhelmed and blacked out. He awoke sometime later to find that he had been seriously injured. The thugs had fled, except for one whom Holden had mortally wounded. Seeing as how there was no one left around and no EMT’s on hand, Holden was now responsible for the man’s life. A terrible choice was before him: try and help the man, leave him behind, end his suffering (i.e. kill him?), or stay with him until he died.

Well, the voters have decided! Come on by to Story Time to see what happens next! Whichever way it goes, it’s sure to be interesting… And remember, you decide what happens next 😉

Crashland – chapter 4, coming soon!

First off, let me thank all those readers who have been coming by Story to read my cyberpunk story Crashland and vote on it. For those who don’t know, all stories at Story Time are works of serial fiction, meaning audiences get to vote on what they want to see happen. So far, I’ve received plent of votes from dedicated readers who let me know exactly which outcomes they wanted for the first three chapters. But, as they say, there’s been a snag.

In chapter three, the main character of Holden awoke from a terrible vision to find that he had been stabbed and that one of his assailants had also been mortally wounded. Determining that he could still crawl to his destination, he was nevertheless deterred when he realized that the man he’d shot in self-defense would die without help. A terrible choice had to be made by Holden, and by the readers. Faced with a dying man, his own wounds, and the ongoing need to get to somewhere safe, would he:

  1. Help the man?
  2. Leave him behind?
  3. End his suffering (i.e. kill him)? 
  4. Stay with him until the end?

Well, thus far the votes have been pretty mixed. All outcomes got their share of votes, but unfortunately two (I won’t say which) are neck in neck. So please, come on by and make some more votes so we can break this deadlock and move the story forward. Doesn’t matter if you’ve voted already, as long as we get some tie-breakers! The story must go on. Thank you all!