New Movie Trailer: Man of Steel!

man-of-steel-logoWe are now just one week way from Man of Steel‘s official, theatrical release. And in honor of this final lap, the studio has chosen to release one last, beautifully produced, trailer. And unlike the other trailers, which focused on Clarke’s upbringing, his quest to find his true identity, or showcased how the people of Earth would react to his presence, this one is action and nothing but!

It starts with a fair bit of footage from Krypton, where we see more of the apocalyptic event that required that Clarke be sent away, and then moves to Earth, where the same forces that took his homeworld threaten to consume his adopted world. And it’s abundantly clear from this and the last trailer that in this relaunch, unlike the originals, that Zod is at the center of it all.

Krypton’s destruction was no mere accident, and the evil Kryptonians were not mere exiles. Interesting angle…

Enjoy the show, and let’s all be ready for when it comes out. This is one relaunch I actually intend to see!

New Man of Steel Trailer!

The first full-length trailer for the upcoming Man of Steel Superman relaunch is here. And the footage is really quite telling. We get a glimpse of Jor-El, Superman’s father, the antagonist General Zod, and the love interest of Lois Lane. There’s even footage of Superman’s homeworld, Krypton, being destroyed. For those who are especially excited, know that there’s just six more months before these goodies are delivered on the big screen – June 14th, 2013!

New “Man of Steel” Trailer!

Behold! In the wake of this years’ Comic Con, it seems that trailer fever has struck. I, being a geek and hence unimmune to such strains of fever, am making it a point to post the updates. Here’s the most recent trailer from the upcoming Superman relaunch “Man of Steel”, which was first announced at Comic Con during preview night.

In this updated preview, we get a glimpse of the new Clark Kent (Henry Cavill), his father (played by Kevin Costner), and a scene of him with his Superman cape breaking the sound barrier. And of course its all done to a sort of “set the scene” narrative which establishes the coming of age nature of the movie, much like the “with great power comes great responsibility” speech Peter Parker’s uncle gave him in Spiderman.

Aside from that, this preview is pretty damn spares. Clearly, the studio is taking the eye drop approach, releasing tiny little clips to tease and taunt the audience into demanding more. By comparison, Robocop – another relaunch which first previewed at Comic Con – appears to be taking the Prometheus approach: doing mock ads and context pieces in order to establish background. Personally, I like the latter approach better. It promises that there will be debt to the franchise and more than just a bildungsroman about a central hero.

Man of Steel, Debut Trailer

A number of interesting things were unveiled this year at the 2012 Comic Con, not the least of which was the long-awaited preview for the new Superman movie. Fans of the franchise may recall the 2006 reboot, entitled Superman Returns. That movie was what is generally referred to as an interquel, a movie which occurred chronologically between Superman II and III, with the purpose of rehabilitating the series after it fell on hard times.

Since then, fans have been anticipating when the next movie would come out, and whether or not it would expand on the 2006 relaunch or be another relaunch entirely. Well, after many years, shooting has finally wrapped up on “Man of Steel”, another relaunch of the series which goes back to the very beginning of the series and is slated for release in 2013.

In addition, the movie stars Henry Cavill in the starring role as The Man of Steel himself. Zack Snyder directed the film, Christopher Nolan helped produce it, and Han Zimmer composed the score. Additional cast include Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Michael Shannon as General Zod, Russel Crowe as Jor-El, and Kevin Costner as Clarke’s father. Not bad… and that includes Costner. I mean, it’s not his fault he kept landing crap roles!

Anyway, check out the teaser trailer below: