New Movie Trailer: Man of Steel!

man-of-steel-logoWe are now just one week way from Man of Steel‘s official, theatrical release. And in honor of this final lap, the studio has chosen to release one last, beautifully produced, trailer. And unlike the other trailers, which focused on Clarke’s upbringing, his quest to find his true identity, or showcased how the people of Earth would react to his presence, this one is action and nothing but!

It starts with a fair bit of footage from Krypton, where we see more of the apocalyptic event that required that Clarke be sent away, and then moves to Earth, where the same forces that took his homeworld threaten to consume his adopted world. And it’s abundantly clear from this and the last trailer that in this relaunch, unlike the originals, that Zod is at the center of it all.

Krypton’s destruction was no mere accident, and the evil Kryptonians were not mere exiles. Interesting angle…

Enjoy the show, and let’s all be ready for when it comes out. This is one relaunch I actually intend to see!

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