The Whiskey Delta Series!

zombies-city-and-the-crowdWelcome to the Zombie Apocalypse! Population… unknown, and dropping every day! To put it simply, Whiskey Delta was my take on the zombie virus and what would likely happen if it ever hit us. I began writing this in the Spring of 2012 as an experiment and it quickly became a serial novel, and has now spawned a series!

The story takes place in New Mexico, where the local National Guard has established a perimeter around its base and the local towns and is dedicated to keeping the zombie hordes at bay. As the story picks up, this mission begins to change, to one of pushing the zombie menace back and reestablishing population centers in nearby towns and cities.

Under the leadership of a combat veteran and seasoned leader named Major General Thur (known only as “The Mage” to his men), the 200th Infantry Brigade – aka. “The Rattlesnakes” – and the 150th Airwing, have managed to hold their own an score numerous victories. However, for all they know, the entire world outside of them lies in ruins. Though he never talks about it, the Mage was there when the “First Wave” hit, and the memory of that failure still haunts him.

Naturally, the war expands as the Mage begins plotting to take back the nation by striking at the source. And things begin to grow complicated as it becomes clear that the Rattlesnakes are not the only military element that is still in the field…

As I said, this first installment has evolved into a series, one which I originally planned as a trilogy but which has grown to become a planned five-book collection. Look for the following titles, with their publication dates and purchasing info included:

1. Whiskey Delta:
Published: April 2013
Where to buy:

2. Papa Zulu:

Published: February 2014
Where to buy:

papa_zulu3. Oscar Mike:
Published: Coming Soon! (Fall 2014)

Oscar Mike_2

4. Hotel Tango:
Published: TBA

5. Zulu Alpha:
Published: TBA

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