Crashland – Chapter 6, now appearing at Story Time!

Okay, we’re definitely getting good turnover here! Much like with the last chapter, the votes for Chapter 5 of Crashland were pretty quick and decisive. Audiences got to me right away and let me know with a fair degree of certainty what they wanted to see happen. Naturally, I was obligated to honor these requests and fashion the following chapter accordingly, and I am happy to announce its now done!

Having found his way to what appeared like safety, William Holden woke up to find himself in an abandoned subway tube, his wounds patched up, and facing a group of men who wanted to know who he was. Also, these men let him know, somewhat indirectly, that based on the quality of his answers, they just might let him live. Basically, they wanted to know if he would be of any use to them, or just a waist of resources.

I asked audiences what Holden was to do. Was he to pretend he was just a simple victim of street violence, a thug himself who had been injured in street fight, or the billionaire mogul that he truly is? And the audience replied, he was to lie and pretend to be a simple businessman who got jumped. Come on over to Story Time to see what came of that and what’s going to happen next!

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