The Future is Here!: Dream Vendor 3D Printer

Just came across this in and Futurist Foresight. Apparently, it’s a 3D printer that an engineering grad student and her peers came up with over at Virginia Tech. The name itself inspires a lot of mental imagery, doesn’t it? Well, its quite simple. You use a computer to generate an image of a 3D image or model. You store the image on a flash drive or data storage device, then you plug it into the printer. Press print, et voila! The printing device constructs the object by placing layer after layer of plastic together until the object is finished.

I had heard of this technology before the video surfaced, in that case it involved a gun maker who would create weapon’s cases using the same technology. And a simple internet seach will show that there are already commercial models available for sale, starting at about 20 grand! However, the concept is quite new and is making waves all over. Just think of the applications, especially if 3D printers can utilize materials other than plastic!

9 thoughts on “The Future is Here!: Dream Vendor 3D Printer

  1. Last year on NOVA they showed a group of scientists who were 3D printing organic tissue. They were able to make somewhat functioning mouse (or rat) organs and expected within a few years they’d be able to print human organs. It was absolutely astonishing work.

  2. That does sound pretty cool. However, it does represent some legal barriers, like if you have a 3D image of the latest toy or something and produced it using the printer, can it be considered stealing? Copyright infringement? The possibilities are endless.

  3. very good for printing prototype mechanical design. i saw an actual demo of this machine 2 years ago in singapore. thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  4. It just reminds me of this tv show in the 90s where whatever the kids draw with a particular pencil , it comes to life..Never imagined such a thing could come atleast closer to true .. This is so cool …

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