My First Troll!

Wow, this is what it feels like to experience hate mail! I gotta say, I’m kind of flattered. It was in reference to my article “Dune and Its Descendents”, one of many in which I praised the late Frank Herbert for his amazing work over the years and bashed the work that has followed in his wake. Like many fans of the original books, my love for them is matched only by my disappointment with how the series ended.

Plenty of times I have encountered fans of the new books, and we’ve been able to have some spirited debate. Hell, I even conversed with Kevin J Anderson himself and managed to keep a civil tongue, partly out of sympathy because this guy gets TONS of hate mail! But this person, who goes by the name of Carlos, he really took the cake. Here’s what he said:

“Of course your the big idiot ever, since the creation of the universe. And you don’t understand the work of frank Herbert, or the deep: spiritual, scientific, artistic and philosophic work of this avatar, also the reality of science fiction (reality). Frank Herbert is a genius, like Tolkien, and if you don´t understand it, its because you don´t have brains or the intelligence needed to see it. Au dare you to say something so idiot from others work, in what brainless basis of yours? It makes no sense or logic, i only see envy, some ow, and a very small brain, even smaller than a desert rat.


How nice, he even signed his name. It’s like F*@@$% you, you unbelievable bastard! Sincerely, Troller. Well,  I would be inclined to reply to this… um … comment here, except for two things. One, the man’s name doesn’t provide a link that goes anywhere. And two, I don’t have the slightest freaking idea what the hell he’s on about.

Correct if I’m wrong but it sounds like he thinks I’m bashing Frank Herbert, not the work of Kevin J Anderson and Brian Herbert. And what the hell is this “avatar”, does he even know what that means? That would imply a stand in, which makes me think he IS defending these two authors. But their names never come up, and rarely do their works ever inspire such heartfelt defense of the words “genius” or “deep”. Mainly people just say that they’re alright and entertaining and not hurting anyone.

Ah well, I’m clearly over thinking this. Mainly, I’m just intrigued because this is the first hate mail I’ve ever received here, which makes me think I’m coming up in the world! And second, the vociferous and confused nature of it kind of amuses me. It’s good to believe that attacks against you are the result of misunderstandings and confused emotion, and not the result of disapproval you can actually understand and get behind.

Ah well, kudos Carlos. You will always be my first hater! I just wish I knew what the hell you were talking about.

19 thoughts on “My First Troll!

  1. LMAO – Well, you know you’ve made it big when someone bothers to take the time to rant at you incoherently, and award you “the big idiot ever” trophy! It’s a shame they chose to remain anonymous other than the diabolically allusive first name only approach, now you’ll never know where to find that so desperately needed reality! (still chuckling – thank you for this one!) ;}

  2. Possibly a combination of English not being his first language, and a touch of “the big idiot ever.” Anyway, congratulations. I’ve yet to be trolled. [sob]

  3. I just received my first hate comment yesterday! Based on your posts you are coming up on the blog world!

      1. But then, that’s not such a great insult. Perhaps he reads Dune from the wrong perspective. I know I always root for Sting when I watch the movie…

  4. Hee hee….he forget to use spell checker. That makes him look like the idiot. A note to Mr. Carlos….If I wanted to sound ‘smarter’ than a writer, I’d first start by using good grammar. In all seriousness though-ouch! Hate mail would make me cry 😦

  5. I can’t wait for some hate mail. I have a plan for a post about how Robert E. Howard is bigger and badder than J. R. R. Tolkein. While as I read through the Conan stories I am actually starting to believe it; I mostly want to write it to piss people off. Which I suppose makes me the troll. But I can live with it.

  6. Of course you’re and What sane person would spend so much time writing a blog for all to read and make comments. Oh, I guess that’s most of us. Sorry.
    I think Kevin J Anderson and Brian Herbert are great storytellers, but lousy writers. I wish I was as good of a story teller. But I would never read their part of the Dune series again. Once was enough.

  7. Proof that you’re doing something right. In some bizarre manner, wacko hate mail legitimizes your status. If you were simply a “nobody” whose thoughts and opinions mean nothing, then why would anyone bother to put together something (at the same time) scathing, nonsensical, and painfully lacking in grammatical merit. Way to climb the ladder of success, Matthew! 😛

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