Reality TV gets the Hunger Games treatment!

My wife forwarded me this gem, which was shared with her by one of her friends on Pinterest. Man, that thing is becoming the new Facebook! But that’s a separate satirical issue. Mainly I think this hilarious recommendation is perfect at combining reality TV with a satire thereof. The Hunger Games, true to the best traditions of dystopian sci-fi, depicted a future in which young people were pitted against each other for the entertainment of the privileged. Who says this is not an elegant solution to our current problem with reality TV stars? Wouldn’t it solve all our issues with them?

Think about it… they annoy the hell out of us. And yet, the more we talk about them, the more press they get. The more press they get, the more famous and rich they become. It’s a terrible, viscous cycle! Turn them loose in an arena with orders to kill each other, with the remaining person getting set for life, and we’d pretty much kill all those birds with one stone. Actually, its more like we’d be ordering the birds to kill each other, but the point remains. All but one reality star is gone, and the remainder never need bother us again.

Sounds kind of twisted, but what better way to introduce my next concept piece: gladiator-style death matches in sci-fi!

P.S. Wouldn’t you know it? This just happens to be my 300th post! Yaaaaay, another milestone!

18 thoughts on “Reality TV gets the Hunger Games treatment!

    1. Hair dryers on the highest setting, having to go out in public without makeup on or hair done. Forcing them to sit down and watch their own shows.

  1. God, I would love it if the Kardashians or the Jersey Shore weren’t on TV anymore. Honestly, few reality shows actually contribute anything halfway worthwhile or decent. Ghost Adventures is the only one I know of that actually seems to have a point to it, and that’s to prove that there might be something after this life.

    1. Love this! One reason I read “The Hunger Games” was Suzanne Collins’ comment that she got the idea flipping channels between a reality TV show and news footage of the war in Iraq, the comparisons between Rome and the US. I wished I got cable so I could see Ghost Adventures.

  2. In my late teens/early twenties, I totally would have volunteered for a gladiator reality show. Unfortunately, The Wife would never allow it now. There was a film in the early Aughts called Series 6 or Series 7 which was a pretty cool take on the evolution of reality competitions as gladiatorial combat spectacle.

  3. The Japanese movie this series is based on is pretty good (minus the adolescent factor), if you get the chance and haven’t seen it yet – give it a try. I was very pleasantly surprised by it’s level of brutality. As to the idea of reality TV patheticlings (yes, I make my own words up as I go along) dueling it out Hunger Games style – bring it on! THAT I would bother to watch! ;}

  4. It almost sounds too good to be true!
    And this would such a rad concept piece for you to write about!
    Congrats on your 300th!! Milestones everywhere.

  5. LOL! Who even watches TV anymore? I only have cable bc it comes bundled with the phone and internet. This might be interesting tho…

    1. That’s where it gets scary. Cable tv sports reality tv programs in order to draw in more subscribers. Luckily, it seems to be dying out anyway. The Kardashians are losing money and the Jersey Shore is splitting up!

  6. Plop them down in Northern Alaska. Without their mini skirts and bikini’s, I don’t think they would know how to interact with people. Bundled up in parka’s, they would have to discover it they actually have personalities under all that hair and make-up.

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