George W. Bush’s head appears on Game of Thrones

I came across this baby on Blastr recently. Yes, apparently the “Deciders” head was featured on GOT last season, and news of this has people tweeting, texting, facebooking, myspacing… you know, all that social media shit! In any case, after watching the video, I had to wonder how and where they came up with that. Was it something that the set cast noticed and sent out into the blogosphere? Probably. In any case, the story is simply that one of the head’s featured in season one of GOT, in the scene where Joffrey is showing Sansa her father’s head on a stake, looked a lot like the former president.

Lord knows the little Bush has never been one to not attract controversy, but I do wonder how he might react if he heard this. I can only assume there are plenty of pundits who would say this is some kind of liberal plot and that no one would dare do this with Obama’s head. Nevertheless, the set designers insisted that it was all a coincidence and that the heads were part of the props department. Can they faulted that one of them just happen to look somewhat simian? I mean have you ever really looked at W’s face? There’s a reason anthropologists believe we intermarried with Neanderthals, you know 😉

Follow the link below to the original article from I09 and see if you spot the head in the video:


3 thoughts on “George W. Bush’s head appears on Game of Thrones

  1. Wait – I had heard about sightings of W’s head on a pole, which provided a warm glow – but it’s standing in (so to speak) for that of Ned Stark? As in – Sean Bean?? I’m insulted, offended, and need to smack someone.

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