Robert Kirkman’s Zombie Car

“Be prepared” is the Boy Scout’s motto. And it appears this wisdom is not lost on Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead comic series. In a recent interview, he shares his thoughts on his creation, and spoke candidly on what he thought needed to go into the development of a zombie car. This is a project that is very near and dear to his heart, and it seems like he’s finally going to get his chance to make one.

Apparently, Kirkman has already created a zombie-killing ride for the Walking Dead comic as part of a promotional deal with Hyundai and plans to debut the real thing at Comic-Con. Seriously, he’s going to draw it and Hyundai is going to actually build the thing! Where else but in the comic book industry, huh? I guess you gotta be a successful artist to get something like this made for yourself

Calling to mind something out of Mad Max or the souped-up bus from Dawn of the Dead, this vehicle incorporates a mean looking plough, some caged windows and big ass search lights, this vehicle is sure to protect its drivers while giving it the ability to run roughshod (literally!) over anyone that gets in its way. It also features a cage-like structure which is meant to protect the sun roof, giving a passenger the ability to look up and shoot out the top. Great for sniping while you’re out for a nice Sunday drive… during the apocalypse of course!

Kirkman shows off some sketches and explains the design process in the video below:

Source: robot6comicbookresources

9 thoughts on “Robert Kirkman’s Zombie Car

  1. Funny, when I saw in my email the words “Zombie Car” I thought some horror/zombie-apocalypse fan had pimped his ride into the ultimate expression of zombie subculture. What would that look like?

      1. The flying cars of the future. (ie: 5th Element and Star Wars prequels) The self driving cars of the future. (ie: Demolition Man)
        Odd retro-fitted cars of the dystopian future. (ie: Max) Just a few off the top of my head.

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