“Revolution” to premiere in 2012

A new show will be premiering this year, directed by Jon Favreau (who directed Iron Man 1 and 2) and executive producer JJ Abrams (who brought us the relaunch of Star Trek). Apparently, this show asks the question of what would happen if one day, all the electricity and electrical equipment in the world just shut off. In essence, this new show, named “Revolution” is all about the struggle to rebuild once civilization as we know it crashes and all our modern technology is rendered useless.

Hmmm. A show about a dystopian world where everything goes down and people are forced to survive by their wits? I call plagiarism on NBC! Anyone who’s been following my site or Story Time knows that this is the EXACT premise of Crashland. But whereas my story was all about infopocalypse and cyberwarfare, Abrams show seems to center on the idea of solar flares, EMPs being set off, or some such thing. Because God knows if he’s doing the whole “viruses crashed everything because everything was networked” concept like I did, I’m really gonna sue his ass!

But then again I imagine the producers of Battlestar Galactica might come knocking on my door… Damn! Can’t a man sue for plagiarism without falling prey to the whole “people in glass houses” thing? In any case, the real focus of the show is about what happens 15 years later when a group of people begin going about the process of rebuilding. This is predictably complicated due to the rise of warlords and criminals who have profited from the chaos.

A pretty straightforward premise, and not exactly new either. In fact, ever since the rise of industrialization and electricity, their have been no shortages of satirists and critics who have wondered what would happen if it all broke down. It was from this point onward that human beings became truly dependent on technologies that could be described as “prescriptive”, in the sense that they seemed to create needs and dependencies rather than address them. But this is why the concept of it all going down has remained relevant.

And if anything, its only increased in relevance as our dependence on electricity, electronic devices, and industrial products has grown by leasp and bounds. Today, it could even be said we have reached a stupefying level of dependence! Ah, but what can you do about it? Can’t imagine what I’d do without my gadgets. Probably pick up a gun and force people to bend to my will! Let’s keep those grids working people, you wouldn’t like me when I’m deprived and armed 😉

15 thoughts on ““Revolution” to premiere in 2012

  1. lol. That solar flare thing was just what I was thinking about for my friday flash :/ maybe not. Darn. NatGeo just had a great little article about solar flares in its June issue (which I recommend).

  2. Why does this kind of thing make me giddy? Maybe because I’m reading The Stand again for the 25th time. And I just watch The Postman again. I know, I know you probably think the movie sucked. But I didn’t. It’s about what I love. The breakdown and rebuilding of society. Don’t know why I love it so, but I do. Thanks for the post my sweet. I’ll be waiting for this show with baited breath. Dear God I hope they don’t fuck it up though.

    1. Never saw the Postman, but I did love The Stand. And once again, people are having psychic moments! I’m about to do a post about post-apocalyptic stories, and these are prime examples!

      1. Yay! I’m so hot about your next post. OMFG I mean excited. Yeah. Excited. That’s what I meant really. I don’t know why I like that genre so much but damn! Giggle, snort! What about The Road? Pretty kick ass. And Viggo Mortensen as the father? Holy crap!

      2. Damn, I might have to split it in two. Shit, why is there all kinds of potential sexual innuendo appearing in this conversation? Is this normal, or are we just gutter brains?

      3. Well I kinda meant to do that. Just to be cheeky. It really does get me kinda hot. Not. 🙂 But, really I do love the genre. I’m such a nerdy, geeky girl. And I’m most certainly a gutter brain too. So glad to see I’m in good company. Giggle.

      4. Ah yes Mad Max. Gah! Love that man. Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot! Now he’s so damn crazy, I could spit on him. Hahahhaa. Go write Matt. Can’t wait to read it.

  3. That last line is my favorite, “you wouldn’t like me when I’m deprived and armed.”
    And yes, this sounds frighteningly like the premise of Crashland, you’re just that much of a trendsetter! I’m a fan of J.J. Abrams and hoping he does justice to this idea, it could go so many places.

  4. This looks awesome, but knowing you and your skills as a writer, I am certain yours would be WAY better.

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