Crashland – Chapter 13!

After about a week and a half on hiatus, I’ve finally returned to Story Time to pick up my serial novel of Crashland. Last time, things ended on a cliffhanger as the tube station Holden and his compatriots were hiding out in began to collapse. Still recovering from his injuries, Holden was forced to find his way down a dark tunnel while the others carried the cybernetic Simon out on a stretcher.

Unfortunately, Holden fell behind and got lost in the dark. His only hope was to either retreat back the way he came, try to navigate based on the glow tubes strewn about the tunnel, or just sit and wait for the trouble to pass. And of course, audiences voted and the choice was clear! Holden would try to navigate his way out the only way he could.

And now, chapter 13 is ready! Come on by and see what happens, then stick around to vote on the next chapter. I have to say that it is one of the most consequential chapters I’ve written yet! Yes, the ending is not only a cliffhanger, but a matter of life and death. When it’s done, one of the story’s characters will be killed off. Tune in to decide which one!

5 thoughts on “Crashland – Chapter 13!

      1. I’m in the middle of a move this week (i.e. up to my ears in boxes) so I’ll start working on something next week if all goes well. Hey, someone’s gotta crack the whip! 🙂

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