Starship Troopers: Invasion!

Fans of Starship Troopers must be sharing a collective “yahoo!” somewhere. It seems that Casper Van Diem – the actor who starred as Johnny Rico in the original movie and its horrid third installment – has decided to produce the fourth installment in the series. Like the second and third movies – both of which sucked hard ass! – this one will be straight to DVD.

But unlike the other two, this one will be an animated CGI feature, calling to mind the short-lived but decidedly unsucky animated series Roughnecks: The Starship Trooper Chronicles. The movie is schedules for release on August 28th, 2012, and in anticipation of this occasion, the studio has released a full-length, bad-ass trailer!

And judging from this little preview, this installment looks pretty good, combining the best elements from the original movie with a hardcore Halo feel! According to the studio, this movie takes place many years after the original, with all the characters from that movie (except for Dizzy Flores who died) reprising their roles. Carmen Ibanez is now Captain of her own battleships, Carl Jenkins is now Minister of Paranormal Warfare, and Johnny Rico is a general who comes out of retirement to command the Roughnecks for one last mission!

In fact, this sort of thing could be just what’s needed to help reboot the series. In spite of an adaptation that was big on flashy and low on substance, two sequels that were so atrocious they aren’t worth getting to, and an animated series that was terribly short on gore, this franchise actually has some potential. Bring on the bugs and automatic weapons fire!


One thought on “Starship Troopers: Invasion!

  1. Sweet! I grew up watching the Roughnecks animated series with my brothers. I didn’t even bother to catch the direct-to-dvd flicks before but this one is making my list!!

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