Futurama and Schrodinger’s Cat

If you’re like me, you had no idea who the hell Schrodinger or his alleged cat was before The Big Theory came along. Lucky for us, that show makes learning about science fun! But an even bigger plus is being able to understand jokes like this one. Not only did they parody Tron, they also managed to work in the scientific concept of Lorentz Invariance, Fresnel’s Refraction of Light, and the quantum theory of Schrodinger’s Cat. And for those who haven’t seen it, this show was also a parody of the concept of precrime from the novel (and movie) by PKD, Minority Report. Man, this show just keep’s getting smarter!

3 thoughts on “Futurama and Schrodinger’s Cat

    1. Funny you should ask. I was actually looking through Youtube for scenes from this season’s episode where they make fun of the Matrix. Still looking for that, but then I saw this one and remembered how funny and awesome it was.

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