Crashland – Chapter 16, Now Available At Story Time!

Alright! It’s been many weeks, but I finally got back to Crashland! I had been hoping to tackle it while on vacay up in Comox, but like many of my projects, it just didn’t happen. But back in my home, where I get most of my writing done, I back on that horse and updated it at last! Good thing too because I was worried people were starting to lose interest. So, here’s where things left off…

Last time around, Holden woke up to find that the subway tube had collapsed, that Jacobs was seriously injured and the medic named Jorka was dead. All of this was being laid at his feet by the new commander, a man named Kurzweil. After talking it over with Molya, the squad’s chief enforcer, Kurzweil ordered him to administer a drug that would put Holden in a coma so they could do their operation without him.

Molya, however, had other plans. Bringing the syringe to Holden, he told him to sneak into Kurzweil’s quarters and administer the drug to him in his sleep. Though he does not fully understand why Jacobs insists on making Holden a part of their operation, he is willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. What’s more, he is not willing to contravene Jacobs orders when he’s not even awake and able to defend them. Holden agreed to the plan and set off to find Kurzweil in his quarters, where he is about to find the man asleep and defenseless, or so he thinks…

Come on by and see what happens. Then stick around to vote on the next outcome. It’s all happening over at Story!

4 thoughts on “Crashland – Chapter 16, Now Available At Story Time!

    1. Frig yeah! I owe this and Whiskey to your continued optimistic support. Speaking of which, I wanted to ask if you think Whiskey Delta would make a good full-length novel. I plan to thicken it a bit with some transitional chapters between all the current action ones. I figure, people gotta have a few secrets and some back story.

      1. Are you thinking of writing up a screen play for it? It would make for a rad movie, I have no doubt. You’ve already got some very dynamic characters so with a little history and plot buildup it would be awesome!! Keep me posted on that!

      2. Screenplay? That’d be cool, but I was thinking novel first. But if anyone wants to pay me to turn it into one, I’ll be on that like white on rice!

        Excuse me, I need to go finish the next chapter. Duty calls 😉

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