Jupiter May Have Saved Us… Again!

According to astronomers, one of key ingredients for a planet to create life is for it to have a gas giant orbiting in the outer reaches of its system. This big fella essentially provides blocking action for your life-giving world, absorbing asteroids with its massive gravitational pull and intimidating size! Apparently, Jupiter has been doing this for Earth for much of our Solar Systems history. Sure, once in awhile a  rock gets through, as the dinosaurs and witnesses to other major Extinction Level Events (ELE) will attest. But for the most part, Earth has enjoyed continuous habitability thanks to the presence of this giant at its doorstep.

And it appears that she is still taking asteroids for us, the latest occurring just two days ago. According to amateur astronomer Dan Petersen, the impact took place on Monday morning, at 11:35:30 UT. It was at this time that, while observing Jupiter, he had a brief glimpse of a blazing flash of light in the upper reaches of the planet’s cloudy atmosphere. Based on past observations, this is a strong indication that an impact event took place on her surface. If this is true, then Jupiter saved our butts yet again.

Naturally, the prospect that another asteroid could strike Earth and cause another ELE has been considered many times in the past. In fact, within the field of science-fiction, several novels and movies have been made detailing what scenarios our governments and space agencies to try and prevent it. That sounds like a good thematic post! I’ll get on it right now!

11 thoughts on “Jupiter May Have Saved Us… Again!

      1. not if Europa is between Jupiter and one of Jupiter’s larger moons. The gravity pull between both the large moon and the new Jovian sun would create a gravitational field that would allow for an atmosphere to form, allowing the possibility of life.
        i took a class on the scientific possibilities of extraterrestrial life last spring, this is the sort of stuff they taught me.

      2. No I meant that they’d have to worry about being slammed by asteroids, or that their sun would. Either way, I’m beginning to wonder if the Monoliths really thought this through…

      3. oh, i forgot about that part. and i’m not sure if the monoliths thought anything through; they made us more intelligent, but forgot to make us morally upright or make us less dependent on our tools.

      4. That’d make a good comedy sketch. Say, after humanity blows itself up in World War III and the Europans die in an asteroid strike. Another alien race would say to them:

        “Why did you make them intelligence, but so violent? Why did you create a star out of a planet that’s main purpose is to absorb asteroids?”

        “Why do we do anything,” they’d reply. “We get bored!”

  1. We get Bored. Best answer for anything. Hey God, why did you put life on that little planet covered mostly by water? Oh, that one. I was bored one day and thought I would see what happened it I got it stared and let them go at it. (I’m imaging this as God playing Sims w/ a whole planet)

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