Bender’s Anti-Piracy Ad

I just came across this on Youtube, which appeared on the Bender’s Big Game DVD right before the movie. Naturally, it features footage from the movie and uses Bender, the most unlikely spokesperson for respecting property rights, as its spokesperson. Very funny, in an admittedly ironic kind of way. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Bender’s Anti-Piracy Ad

  1. Okay, since the anacronym across the top says Do It, it seems like a mixed message. It feels like a subliminal message to go out and do it. Especially after Bender keeps doing everything the voice over says you wouldn’t do. Now I feel like downloading something.

    1. You mean the Polynesian folks who lived on Easter Island (aka. Rapa Nui-ans)? Yeah, they’d be pissed! The Mayans would have found it funny. It’s always funny til someone steals your Sunwheel!

  2. I love this. You wouldn’t steal a car…that’s a pretty big assumption. Maybe I would. And no I wouldn’t steal yer crap movie. BC the internet has so much great content for free.

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