New Look!

Hey all and good morning. Do you like what I’ve done with the place? Yes, after months of wanting to spruce up my blog’s appearance, I finally got around to some house cleaning, tidied things up a bit, and finally put my awards up where you could see them. Good thing too, I was getting worried people would come by and think that the only one who appreciated all my rambles was me. That seem right to you?

Also, I’m thinking of a new theme. Months back, I picked the one you see, Chapters, from a lineup because I thought it was conducive to displaying samples of my writing. However, given the fact that you can only pick from the last 20 posts, I find it a bit frustrating now. As anyone who knows me is undoubtedly aware, I go through a lot of posts on this site, and I mean A LOT! For that reason, I insist on being able to scroll back a ways, and I’d like my viewers to be able to do the same.

Anybody know about a theme that is good for that, not to mention putting up images of a sci-fi nature? I’ve been dying to use some images, like the one featured at the top here – “Aurora Rising”, a Blade Runner inspired image by fmacmanus at deviantART. Lovely isn’t it? Click on it to get a full-screen view. Trust me, it’s awesome!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I got some more chapters to write and some article to pen. Big news in the world of exploration, sci-fi and other such things. Williams away!

7 thoughts on “New Look!

    1. That looks too confusing for me right now. I got you and another friend using it and I often forget whom I’m looking at. If I do the same, then my world will totally turn upside down!

      Fyi, I’m reading Aasif right now, almost finished it…

  1. I like it! How do you put your awards on your page – I’ve been lucky enough to receive a couple and I don’t know how to put them up. (Well done on getting your awards, by the way!)

    1. Ha, you too eh? I was just having this discussion with my lady Renee. Anyway, just go to your Dashboard, click on Settings, select Widgets, and then select the one that says Image. You drag that to your left or right bar, and make sure you have the web address of the image right. Basically, if you’ve uploaded the image to your Media, you just need to go there and find the URL of the image, and input it in the widget. Make sense?

  2. Love the new look!! If you’re looking for a new theme I wonder if you’d be happy with something like the one I’ve been using? It’s a WordPress one called “Ideation And Intent” and seems to work well for showcasing photos with a near endless stream of past posts listed too. And I like that it’s easy to modify so it can look completely different for each user. And the Bladerunner illustration is rad!!

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