Word Counts and Serial Novels

Good news everybody! Well, it’s kind of a moot point, but I was pleased to see it happen. After a few months of writing and posting Whiskey Delta on this site, I am pleased to note that it has officially reached the requisite length where it can safely be considered a novel!

As of my most recent publication, Chapter 26, Whiskey Delta has reached a whopping 51,181 words! And based on the guidelines provided by Wikepedia, which were in turn provided from novelist Jane Smiley, anything over 40,000 words is considered a novel-length work. Check it out:

  Classification          Word Count

Novel                 over 40,000 words
Novella              17,500 to 40,000 words
Novellette          7,500 to 17,500
Short Story        under 7,500

Yes, as of the latest posted chapter, Whiskey Delta has reached 51,181 words. And it’s still several chapters away from completion. Don’t know why, but that feels kinda cool. Perhaps it’s something left over from my school days, a time when meeting the mandated word count was important. Not that that’s every been a problem for me. If anything, I’ve been known to go way too long. I really gotta learn to be more concise!

Stay tuned for more Whiskey Delta and a slew of other writing projects!

4 thoughts on “Word Counts and Serial Novels

  1. Congratulations, Matt. Reborn City (which you will get to read eventually) is well over the number of words needed to be a novel, while Snake is very close to 40K words. I’m looking forward to see what the final word counts will be for both of them.

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