Zombies in NYC!

Back in August, as part of a promotional campaign for Season 3 of The Walking Dead, the folks at AMC decided to do a little experiment. With the help of an advertising firm named Thinkmodo, they dressed up a group of actors as zombies and set them loose on the streets of New York. The reactions were caught on film, and were pretty predictable…

Check it and see!

11 thoughts on “Zombies in NYC!

      1. Bahahahahaahahaha! It would have been fun to see it. Even if I did get scared. Love me some zombies. Have you been watching Revolution on NBC?

      2. Was it you who asked me that already? I know someone did and I’ve been going over my comments trying to find out who. And no, unfortunately, which is too bad because I think I might have a case against JJ Abrams! $$$$$$!

      3. Yes it was me that asked that. Because if you’ve got a case, get a lawyer and get the money honey!!!! Seriously. Do it. No one has the right to steal what was yours. Not even if we are blog writers. It’s our shit, ya know?

      4. I really don’t. I just like to say so since his show premiered after I began writing Crashland, which is of course a very similar concept. But hey, a guy can dream…

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