Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer

As far as the gaming world is concerned, this trailer is old news! But, it’s news to me, and I thought it was pretty darned cool. Not sure how I missed it, since during 2010 I felt I was pretty up on all the news surrounding SWTOR, the third installment in the Knights Of The Old Republic  (or KOTOR, for short) video-game series. Guess not. And of course, when fan reviews began to pour in saying that the game was not all it was cracked up to be, I kind of lost interest.

However, news is beginning to circulate that the KOTOR franchise might actually be the basis for the next Star Wars trilogy. I kid you not, not only is LucasArts deep into deals with Disney to produce the next three installments, there’s also a great deal of speculation as to whether or not they will be sequels or further prequels. But more on that soon enough. Right now, enjoy this video. It’s like Star Wars meets 300 with some Matrix for good measure!

2 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer

  1. I’m very busy being struck dumb with shock and awe that Lucas would give up control of Star Wars, ever. I never thought he would loosen his iron grip. Is he dying? Has his grip on sanity slipped? My understanding of the universe has tilted of its axis.

    1. I know huh? Well, maybe he actually thinks that he’s done a poor job, or just doesn’t want to contend with fanboys saying the next trilogy sucks too. I heard that he was deeply affected by all the bad reviews, but all his statements in public just seemed like he had no intention of being anything other than a bullheaded jackass about it.

      Or… maybe he doesn’t think they’ll make any money and wants to wash his hands of it before it comes to that. Or perhaps he knows how freakishly rich he already is and just doesn’t care anymore. I’d be willing to with either of those.

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