Revengers Mission Report #1

My thanks to all Revengers who reported in to take part in our first round of missions. My favorite response was the following report, as filed by Atrum Auditor (aka. v1rgilmdm of the 8bitbeerblog). The following is his account of the Harlan/Keithly surveillance. The following transcript has been edited for content, but appears here otherwise unabridged:

After hearing about the meeting between Councilman Jeff Harlan and Syndicate Boss Joe “The Stare” Keithly, Atrum Auditor put together his team to expose the truth. After first recruiting Erotica Girl a kick-ass heroine with enhanced strength and the ability to go invisible, Justyka was also recruited for this sensitive mission. As a fellow telepath that can fly and also render herself invisible, she would prove to be indispensable.

This team is optimized for covert, undetectable operations. The team meets at the docks as the sun sets, to survey the area and set up camera and bugs before the illicit meeting starts. Erotica Girl goes invisible to keep watch as Atrum Auditor teleports from shadow to shadow, planting listening devices and video cameras. Meanwhile Justyka plants cameras with night vision and infrared up high on burnt-out lamp posts, a building corner and a crane.

“Ok, this is eyes and ears only. We stay for the meet, record everything and then waylay Keithly until the police can pick up Councilman Harlan,” Atrum reminded the group.

“I still don’t understand why we don’t just take out Keithly and his scumbags out now,” Erotica Girl complained.

“It’s not our place to act as judge and jury,” Justyka replied.

“A win for the police will look good for all of us,” added Atrum. “Just think of it as community block watch or whatever. We set ‘em up, the police knock ‘em down, we all look good”.

“Fine. Whatever,” Erotica Girl rolled her eyes. “What time did your guy say this meet was happening?”

“Twenty-three hundred hours sharp. Keithly can’t abide people who aren’t punctual,” Atrum supplied.

“Great. Just three more hours to kill. What’s the plan to distract Keithly until Harlan get’s arrested?” asked Justyka.

“Well, I -uh… I was thinking Keithly owns this warehouse by the dock here, we could start a small fire and that should cause a distraction. Keithly will probably send his goons to save anything important, leaving him free to have an intimate talk with us. But I’m open to suggestions,” Atrum said, revealing the limit of his ability to organize.

“I say we knock the mob meatheads out and take Keithly on a cruise out in the bay. Maybe with a free pair of cement shoes,” Erotica said with a wicked grin.

“Why don’t we call that plan B?” Justyka mediated.

After testing the video recorders’ night vision and infrared feeds and the audio recording levels, the heroes settled in for their stake-out. Erotica Girl posted herself at a neighboring warehouse, invisible, so that she could be close at hand in case any surprises popped up. Atrum found a spot underneath the dock amidst some ropes and old lumber where he could watch the feeds on his hand-held, but still be within easy teleportation range. Justyka flew up to the crow’s nest of a nearby boat so she could see any traffic by land or sea for miles.

I see a black town car approaching the docks from the East, Justyka broadcasted over the trio’s telepathic link.

Copy that. I have lights, Erotica Girl confirmed mentally.

Stay sharp, and give me descriptions of any unknown parties, Atrum Auditor responded.

Another vehicle approaching. A yellow taxi looks like, Justyka reported.

Yeah, what’s the Councilman thinking? Bringing a civilian? asked Erotica.

They are exiting the car now. I have 5 thermal signatures on camera. Atrum broadcasted visually.

Looks like Keithly brought a couple of heavies. I recognize them from files that have come across my desk. Ex-military enhancement project: codenames Hammer and Spike. Enhanced strength, with Psychokinetic powers and Black Ops trained, Atrum added, as the information flashed on his hand-held.

I feel… A mind above us… Searching. Crap! Erotica! What’s your position? Justyka asked, panicked.

Uh..guys? We might want to call the Captain for back-up. Erotica Girl suggested.

Indeed. Came an amused unfamiliar thought-voice.

*                     *                     *

Not bad, huh? As you can plainly see, tension is mounting and it seems the mission has taken on a sinister edge. Well, more sinister, since it already involved mob bosses and corrupt councilmen. And it seems some additional forces are being called for. As such, I, Captain Smackdown, am pledging to arrive on scene with backup! Panacea, Dark Angel, are you with me?  Looks like our take down of Billy Bob will have to wait another night! Inferno, rendezvous with us there! And dammit, answer your phone!

12 thoughts on “Revengers Mission Report #1

  1. This is Judgement. I’m not going to mince words, so here we go: when we got to the DA’s office, the businessman was dead and the DA had OD’d. At first, I thought it was a lover’s quarrel gone wrong. But then I found something in the businessman’s shoe: a piece of paper with 3 words: “Princess” and “the Oracle”.
    Those words have meaning to me. I’ll have to check in with some friends and see if there’s anything to worrry about.

  2. Erotica Girl here. Good thing you’re on your way! I hate having mystery voices in my head.

    Does he know where I am exactly? If not, maybe I can get closer to Keithly and his muscle to see if one of them is the mystery voice.

    On a side note, personal note: I had to laugh at your “Billy Bob”. My mom has a cat named, Billy Buttons, and when he’s bad, which is often, she calls him “Bad Boy Billy Buttons” or “Billy Bob”. I don’t why Billy Bob. Anyway, your “take down of Billy Bob” made me laugh and think of Billy Buttons. 😀

    1. Ha! Well in that case, I promise we’ll be gentle with him. Don’t want to hurt anyone named after a favorite furry family member 😉

      As for Billy Bob and his goons, hold your position and wait. If those goons are telekinetic, they might sense you coming near. If you can feel their minds, they can feel yours. Let hope this’ll distract them long enough for me and the cavalry to show. Then we can hit them from both directions, hopefully they’ll be too confused to use their powers!

  3. .From the amusement, I suspect this player has been around awhile and may have either an idea of who we are (as superheroes, not alter egos) or a bead on us. You don’t reveal your presence unless you think you have one up on the opposition.

    I’m inclined to shift positions so I have the same view but at a different angle and location – just incase he did pinpoint me.

    My impression is he is close, strong or both.

    As to the aforementioned amusement in his thought projection, I hope it is due to cockiness and not skill or other knowledge. Cockiness can be manipulated. If he knows something we don’t, then we really need to identify him.

  4. Sorry to presume to write for other peoples characters. But I had fun while doing so, for what that’s worth. Please feel free to retcon and re-write 🙂

    Can we all agree to be surprised that the synicate is employed enhanced ex-miltary thugs?

    On a side note Atrum Auditor notices the taxi driver is missinng. Maybe not a civilian after all…

    1. Oh yes we can, nice touch too. And so far, I don’t think anybody disapproves of your write up. In fact, I think it’s a good policy to let whoever’s doing point for a mission volunteer to tell the story. I will, as always, do an edit beforehand just to make sure it’s all on the up and up, and aside from some very minor grammatical stuff, your write up was polished!

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