A Good Day To Die Hard

It must be trailer day today, as this is the second new movie trailer I find myself posting. But it can’t exactly be helped. Today, as I found myself sitting here, taking care of my sick wife, and enjoying Die Hard, I was reminded of a very important trailer I caught over the weekend. While watching Skyfall in the theater, an especially exciting and action packed preview came on that got my wife all excited.

At first, I was kind of thinking “Oh God, not another one”. But after a few seconds of intense action and lots of explosions, I got caught up in the fever and realized I wanted to see it too! I mean, why stop making them as long as formula still works and audiences can be expected to turn out in droves? Anyway, here it is, the second trailer to be released from the studio in recent months, and the one that confirms the date of release (Feb. 14th, 2013)

13 thoughts on “A Good Day To Die Hard

      1. That should read two out of, but I can’t imagine how many common subjects we’ve explored thus far. But you’re currently two up on me in the movie trailer department. Beware! I shall find other subject areas and jump ahead!

      2. I don’t know about exploring them as a subject, but I would like to make room for one in my next story. That reminds me, I got a sci-fi short kind about a guy who kind of fits the profile…

  1. Every time I think they couldn’t possibly come up with a new one (upon hearing of a new one), it is almost instantly followed up by the intense needs to see it.

    1. I know, huh? I was sitting there in the theater thinking “Oh dang, not again!” But I saw my wife’s excitement, watched the preview, and silently made an admission to myself: “Yeah, I’m going to see it!”

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