Of DIY Cybernetics and Biohacking

transhuman3It seems that biohackers and enthusiasts of body augmentation could be setting a new trend, and doing it all from the comfort of their basements. That’s the essence of an article filed by Neal Ungerleider this past September, in which he stated that biohackers have not only cloned the innovation strategies of Silicon Valley, but could also be reshaping how technology is being created.

Amongst their efforts are such things as brain interfaces that can control video games with human thoughts, Bluetooth sensors that are meant to go under the skin and send vital signs to mobile phones, tissue engineering that can create in vitro “steaks” and leather, and devices that convert brainwaves into actual speech. These efforts are collaborative in nature and connect numerous basements, labs and research facilities together to share research, resources, and breakthroughs.

Those who take an active part in this trend are often known as grinders or biohackers, people who have chosen not to wait for cybenetic enhancements and body augmentation to become commercially available and seek to create them on their own.

According to Ungerleider:

“West Coast biohackers and grinders were the pioneers of this tech-driven, California brand of utopianism… For biohackers everywhere, augmentation of humanity itself—whether through technology or more traditional methods—is the primary goal. Common conversation points include DIY cyborgs, the quantified self, and diet…

“But a growing community on the East Coast—in greater New York, Boston, and Pittsburgh—is synthesizing Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial DNA for its unique innovation model. Experimentation and science here is not only an exercise in advancing humanity through tech but is often applied toward creating viable cybernetic products for the market.”

One such group is Biohackers NYC, a group that was formed in 2012 largely in response to all the innovation that was taking place on the opposite coast. In additi0n to the initial startup group, it was joined by numerous startups, incubators, and workspaces scattered across the outer boroughs. As group founder and psychiatrist Lydia Fazzio claimed in an interview back in September:

“Our intent was to cover the spectrum of biohacking from manipulating non-human genomes to also the body and the mind. It’s a holistic approach to the meaning of biohacking, whether technology or nutrition. However you get there, we all have the innate potential to be an optimal functioning human in society. Our question is: How do we get there?”

davinci_transhumanOne of the attractions of this new movement is that it allows the merger of skilled professionals and dedicated hobbyists a chance to collaborate on projects of mutual interest. It also takes advantage of new business and development models – i.e. crowdsourcing – which is made possible thanks to the digital revolution.

Already, message boards have sprung up that allow disparate “labs” to post information on their work and share with others who have similar interests and projects on the go. These include DIYbio, which deals with the larger field of DIY biotechnology labs; and biohack.me, where the possibilities of subdermal bone conduction headphones and echolocation implants are being contemplated.

TranshumanIn the end, this is really just a small part of a much larger movement, which takes on various names. On is transhumanism, a movement which believes that human limitations can and must be transcended with the help of technological innovation. Another is Singularitarianism, a movement popularized by such Futurists as Ray Kurzweil. These individuals believe that technology will (or has) reached the point where human beings can take control of their own mortality, abilities and evolution. While some are willing to wait, others are intent on making it happen sooner other than later.

Naturally, there is a great deal of skepticism towards this new trend. For one, there are countless people who believe it to be the stuff of “science fiction”, and not real science. But, as Ungerleider claims, this represents the culmination of trends that have been in the works for some time. What’s more, it represents the monetization and mass marketing of technologies which have been under development for many years. And in truth, the line between science fiction and science fact has always been a fine one. All that’s ever been needed for us to transcend it is for people to make it happen.

Sources: fastcompany.com, Wired.com, IO9.com

11 thoughts on “Of DIY Cybernetics and Biohacking

  1. I’ve been saying for years that I’ll break down and get a smart phone when they come out with the smart phone implants. And as I’m trying to figure out how to control the game Dishonored on a computer when it seems to require two hands on the keyboard and one on the mouse, I’m sure my gaming skills would improve a lot if I could control part of the game with my mind.

    1. Ah, so you’re waiting for the EyePhone are ya? And direct mind-machine interface won’t be too long away, I’m sure. Those mind-controlled headbands were a very interesting development, I imagine one that can capture articulated thoughts won’t be far off.

      1. I do. Although more fantasy anymore. I want to write something bringing back the moon into the collective thought process again. Make people start thinking about it again. I’m trying to come up with a good idea on why we might reasonably want to go to the moon again and a good plot to stick on it. But I’m not getting much of anything done lately. I feel perpetually stuck and so I play SWTOR instead.

      2. Oh dear, a more distracting game there is not, except for World of Warcraft. This is all what I’ve heard, I can’t start playing either or I will be hooked forever! However, I wanted to ask if you had any interest in taking part in space and colonization anthology.

      3. Okay then! I’ve been talking it up on my site here, it’s called Yuva. And I post samples all the time, but mainly for my own contributions. I’m also the editor of said project so if you go the site, drop my name. I’m kind of a big deal there you know 😉

        general discussion: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/917801-anthology-2-space-travel-and-colonization
        breakdown of stories: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/950875-anthology-2-breakdown
        artwork: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/951026-anthology-2-artwork

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