3M’s Flexible Transparent Touchscreen!

https://i0.wp.com/v024o.popscreen.com/eGdoYTZzMTI=_o_3m-flexible-transparent-touchscreen-concepts.jpgWelcome back for another installment in this ongoing series on future tech! Today, we have 3Ms proposed lineup of flexible display and touchscreen devices! This video was first featured at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas of January, 2011, the same place where Samsung unveiled its revolutionary AMOLED flexible displays.

Of the proposed devices, we have a wafer-thin, touchscreen gaming system, a revolutionary washing machine with a single transparent touchscreen/display, a transparent gaming tablet for connect-four (and presumably other kid’s games), and my personal favorite; a wristband that acts as a PDA device.

Check it out, and marvel at the future of commercial electronics! I imagine we’ll all be emptying our pockets to pay for some of this stuff real soon, and probably wracking up our credit card debts just to make sure its the latest version. Damn techno-vultures!

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