Revengers: Operation Pimp Daddy Proceeds!

Revenger_TakedownWelcome back, Revengers! As you know, our ongoing mission to rid the city of evil and thwart its evildoers is proceeding as planned. As you are also no doubt aware, our latest mission concerns the notorious pimp and scumbag William “Billy Bob” Holstein. After years of enlisting and abusing the city’s vulnerable, he has expanded his repertoire to include blackmail and the drug trade. Naturally, we have reason to worry, and reason to take him down…

Thus far, our point lady has been Panacea, who was kind enough to provide some in depth-surveillance on the subject and his movements. His brothels have been located, his base of operations – a restaurant co-owned with “respectable” entrepreneur Gus Darby – and his route getting to and from the one to the other. However, his drug labs, where a new super-addictive and potent narcotic is being produced, remains a mystery to us. Therefore, top priority must be given to located this place and destroying it. The city is already overrun with poisons!

As per her last field report, Panacea indicated that Billy Bob’s nightly route from Darby’s bistro took him home by way of an underground tunnel which is hidden underneath one of our city’s overpasses. This tunnel leads, eventually, into the basement of St.John’s Cathedral, located in the city’s Old Irish district. After confronting Father Michael, the resident priest, and determining he was not involved, she was able to secure his cooperation with our endeavor.

Naturally, as a man of faith, Father Michael wanted guarantees that Billy Bob would be brought down without excessive violence. In exchange, he agreed to alert our group as to when Billy Bob would be passing through again. Myself, your humble Captain, Judgement and Panacea have been waiting for the signal for several nights. And last night, it finally came…

“The night was cold and wet, unforgiving in it’s own right, and indiscriminate. Those who chose to use it as cover for their insidious activities felt its bight. Unfortunately, so did the innocent people who had no choice but to toil beneath its oppressive weight.

But tonight, the evening had new plans in mind, plans of a discriminate nature. Plans which involved carefully laid revenge. And from multiple vantage points near St. John’s Cathedral, its guarantors watched and waited…

“How much longer do we have to wait?” asked one through the comlink the team was using. For what felt like forever, he had been drawing in the night’s dark energy to himself, charging his inner stores with the life force he would need to unleash hell.

“At ease, Judgement,” replied the Captain. “Panacea has ears on the entire thing. The second we get the go ahead from the good father, we’ll move.”

“I still say he can’t be trusted.”

“He’s trusting us too. Don’t forget that.”

The comlink did not convey the grumbles coming from Judgements end, but Smackdown imagined he could hear them and smiled. It was never easy, coordinating multiple assets, especially ones with super-powers. But coordinating the likes of Judgement with Panacea, that would be a minor miracle in itself.

Alas, he knew they were both needed on tonight’s op, and both had their reasons for wanting to be here. For Panacea, this was about stopping the man who put all those girls through hell, turning them from desperate souls with nowhere to turn to the wretches she saw every night walking the streets and lying in gutters.

For Judgement, it was about stopping the flow of drugs and other poisons the notorious Billy Bob was pushing. That and the fact that he had been freely abusing innocent girls for as long as he had… Suffice it to say, he wasn’t sure Bob would be making it through the night without extreme pain. Another reason he needed Panacea on hand, her healing abilities would surely be needed!

“Eagle’s Nest to Captain,” the comlink became active again. It was Panacea’s voice on the other end.

“Read you loud and clear, Eagle’s Nest,” he said, using the call signs they had set for the op. “What’s the view like?”

“I have ears on our good father,” she said. “The sermon’s about to begin.”

“Let me hear,” he commanded. Within seconds, the audio bug she had implanted became audible to every member of their team.

“Good evening everyone. So nice to see so many familiar faces here tonight. I am glad for the turnout, as this is a rather special evening…”

“Oh, he’s there alright,” said Judgement, clogging up the line.

“Cut the chatter, big Jay, the man’s talking,” said Smackdown.

“C’mon, listen to that leadup. He’s giving us the green light.”

“Wait for it, my hasty friend!”

The debate ceased and Father Michael’s words began to stream through the link again, a particular theme beginning to form.

“In these times of uncertainty, we often look to each other for support and guidance. We remind ourselves that in days where evil, torment and woe are the norm that the only things we can count upon is our faith and each other. But what if we were to learn that the very causes of these evils and torments were among us?”

“Um, Captain…” Panacea said over the line. Smackdown didn’t reply, simply listened in. He too was concerned. The nature of the sermon seemed to be straying from what they had agreed on.

“What if the forces of evil were among us, hiding in plain sight, and fooling us with their phony smiles and their false charity? What if, we were to learn, that we were blind to such acts merely because we were too foolish to see it in our midst? I confess, my parishioners, that their is much evil in this world that I have failed to see. Evil which operated beneath my very nose, within THESE VERY WALLS!”

“Shit, he’s jumping the gun!” said Smackdown.

“Are we a go?” asked Judgement. Smackdown hesitated. It sounded very much like the Father was about to confront Billy directly, something they had specifically asked him not to do. Takedowns were tricky, not something to be done by unskilled people.

“We’re a go,” he said, jumping from the car. “Follow me in, I’m making for the front doors in under one mike.”

Smackdown from the rear of his car and opened the trunk. Grabbing a hold of his tactical shotgun, he was sure to snag a few flashbangs and snag them onto his belt. From behind, Judgement moved to his side through a series of leaps and bounds, assisted as he was by his telekinesis. With some practice, he had learned to hurl himself as easily as he could foreign objects.

Panacea, meanwhile, descended from above, taking the ground from her perch above the bell tower. She drifted easily from the steps to the car, taking a spot at their side.

“What’s happening now?” she asked. Smackdown pushed the comlink in his ear deeper to hear what was happening within.

“We have evil among us!” the father screamed. “And it resides… right there!”

Yelps began to arise from a hundred sources at once, the sounds of fearful revelation. They were followed by loud screams and angry declarations, the unmistakable sounds of mass panic.

He released the link. “Crap! He’s made Billy! We have to go before- “

The sounds of multiple shots resounded from within the Cathedral. Smackdown, Judgement and Panacea all looked to the front door with a sense of dread. All of their faces wore the same expression…

What had just happened?

*               *               *

Tune in next time for the exciting continuance of Operation Pimp Daddy and the ongoing adventures of the The Revengers!

One thought on “Revengers: Operation Pimp Daddy Proceeds!

  1. This is Judgement. Here’s what happened next;

    I threw open the door with my mind and lifted the gun out of Billy Bob’s hands, throwing it behind the altar where he couldn’t get it and where it would do the least amount of harm. Then I threw an energy blast at the altar, destroying the gun and causing everyone in the church to panic and stampede to the doors.

    Oh, the power of fear. You have no idea what it’s like to use it as a power source. At once my hair grew longer and the gold lines on my blackened skin grew more pronounced. Rising in the air, feeling the more sadistic side of me take over, I grabbed Billy Bob by the throat and smacked him against the wall.

    As I hovered over to him, I looked around. The father was standing over three bodies, one of which still had a little life in it. A ten year old girl. God, nobody wanted to see this on Christmas Eve.

    “Father, this is why they call it a game plan.” I said, feeling myself growing stronger from the fear and rage that was still within my range. I stored the new power away, in case I needed to make the Hulk look like an insect. “It affords you the win without any major losses.”

    “I-I only just wanted to help.” said the father, as Panacaea went to heal the little girl.

    “Then you should’ve left it to us and not tried to raise hellfire in your church.” I said. “Look what it led to. Don’t raise hell unless you have the means to control it!”

    “Stop it Judgement.” said Captain Smackdown, ending up right next tto me. “He’s already guilty enough.”

    “I know; it’s delicious.” I said, turning to Billy Bob. “You want me to go easy on this guy, right?”

    “That was the plan.” said the Captain.

    “Okay.” I said, breaking Billy Bob’s leg. The pimp screamed as I dropped him on the ground. That’s easy for me; I have no idea what the captain defines as “easy”.

    “Alright, first question, you sorry excuse for a human being.” I said. “Who told you how to make your narcotics?”

    “Screw you.” said Billy Bob.

    “I hope that wasn’t some sort of joke on Chinese names.” I said, throwing Billy Bob against the opposite wall and then against the first wall again. “Now again, who told you how to make those drugs?”

    “I don’t know.” said Billy Bob, spitting out blood. “I just found a recipe under my door, found out it was cheap to make. I made the stuff, and…”

    “You realized you could make money off a powerful new narcotic.” said the captain; Billy Bob nodded.

    “Where’s the plant you use to make the drugs?” I asked then.

    “It’s in PS 147.” said Billy Bob. “They make my drugs, and I give them a cut to pay for school supplies.”

    “A public school?” said the father; apparently he’d been listening.

    “Scandalous.” I said. “Anything else you want to share?”

    “Please, I don’t know anything else.” said Billy Bob.

    “Okay.” I said. “Now you die.”

    “Wait!” said Billy Bob. “The original recipe is on Gus Darby’s desk! He has his own copy too at home! And…there were initials on the recipe. INS.”

    “Immigration and Naturalization Services?” said Panacaea. “That’s got to be a bad joke.”

    “Whatever.” I said. “It’s enough for me. Time for your Judgment.”

    “Hey, Judgment.” said the captain, but I’m already drawing my psychic energy for a full-scale assault.

    “You are guilty of drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, bribery, and prostitution.” I said. “FEEL MY WRATH!”

    I play with Billy Bob around the church, leaving him bloodied and broken but not dead. I leave them alive so that they can rot in prison…after I watch them cry at the trial.

    I leave him hanging from the rafters and we leave. The Captain and Panacaea say something to the father, but i just look at him with pity. He has power that he wants to use to help people. So do I. And now he’s stuck with the knowledge that sometimes the greatest power can’t help the people you care about the most, especially after you fail and things fall apart.

    I’m aware of that every damn day.

    We go. It’s time to head to PS 147. We’re going to see a lot of interesting stuff come to light. I’ll enjoy reading the paper tomorrow.

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