Happy New Year!

newyearsHappy Holidays folks! I certainly hope everyone is having a nice and relaxing time, although I admit that’s not too likely. When are the holidays EVER relaxing? You’ve got family, travel, last minute shopping, planning, preparations, lots of cooking, the fact that everything’s closed, driving in bad weather, and of course all that concern over the weight you’re putting on!

But in and around all that, I like to think there’s plenty of opportunities for joy and fun, and hopefully some serious swag! Speaking of which, I may have already announced that I got this super new computer! Already, I have given it the litmus test, testing my super-demanding games on it. And they run FAAAAST! I’ve been blowing shit up and firing off guns with the best of them. Next time I play multiplayer, aint nobody gonna be booting me on a count of lag!

And then there’s the little fondue pot I got, which is specifically designed for baking Bries. And some red pepper jelly on top of that, which ought to make for some serious eats! And of course, some much-needed outdoor gear, and some toys for our cat Jasper – who, by the way, hates to travel! And though we love our families very much, we are quite happy to be back in our own place. Jasper is especially happy; he spent the first hour after we got back marking everything. It was as if he were saying “This is mine! And this is mine! And this is mine!”

Also, I’d just like to take this opportunity to rub it in on all those apocalyptic folks. Hey y’all, guess what? The target time and date came and went and do you know what? WE’RE STILL HERE! Seriously, don’t you people get tired of being wrong? Yes, a new year is rolling around is a few days and (God willing!) we can look forward to another year of failed apocalypses.

Hope everyone has something nice planned for the evening of the 31st! See ya’ll in the New Year!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hahaha! Touché!

    As for the fondue pot, how about some gruyere, a little cream, lots of crusty bread, some good wine, company of course, and you’re all set! Once you’re done, you can wash the pot and melt some chocolate, dip bananas, pineapple, strawberries…

  2. I agree with Rami Ungar, my cat’s hate travel. Though I don’t actually speak cat, I’m fairly certain they scream ‘THE DEATH BOX’ telepathically to one another the second the closet door opens. Though, if I’d gotten a fondue pot, I’m sure I’d find one of them happily sleeping in it!

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