Real Life Superhero?

Phoenix_JonesHis name is Phoenix Jones, and he’s the superhero keeping the streets of Seattle safe. Well, sort of. Back in November, the masked vigilante took down a loud-mouthed bigot in a street bawl, and the footage was caught on tape. However, it seems that he might be in the market for some help, and he’s calling on able-bodied, justice-minded citizens to join him.

I should take this opportunity to mention that this is not a joke. Nor is it an opportunity to plug the recurring Revenger segment we host on this site (but no one would fault you if you wanted to take this opportunity to go check it out!). In fact, the state of Washington allows for two men to settle disputes by fighting in the streets so long as there is mutual consent. So vigilante justice is not a farfetched concept.

But of course, Phoenix Jones would like to state that it takes more than that to be part of his “Justice League”. Specifically, he’s looking for people who are at least 18 years of age, are residents of Washington, have a clean criminal record (of felony or violent crimes), have some sort of fighting or martial arts experience, first aid/CPR cards, and a level 2A or above bulletproof vest. Oh, and you can’t be a journalist looking to uncover his secret identity. Sorry Lois!

And just in case you’re having second thoughts, here is Jones’ promotional video. If you’re interested, just follow the Jones’ signal to its source, and don’t be too surprised to see the man in the molded suit of grey and yellow rubber.

4 thoughts on “Real Life Superhero?

  1. I love this idea and appreciate his efforts. I wish him luck! I read about his story a while back and I think I remember reading that there are a few others like him trying to do the same in other cities. -Nizzy

      1. you mean “oracle” and “princess”? Those are positions of leadership in the N-Feed community. Can’t tell you the specific duties as you’re outside of the community, but I can say that if it’s connected, than someone’s finding out about the community and our leadership.

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