How The Hobbit Should Have Ended

It’s been awhile since I checked HISHE, and it seems they tackled a few gems while I was out doing other things. The latest in their lineup is this, a parody on Peter Jackson’s latest adaptation from the Tolkien universe. While I have yet to see the movie, I read the book and am familiar with just about everything the movie did by reputation alone. And I think these guys stuck it pretty good, as usual!

In fact, I would recommend checking out the site when you’re done watching this video and seeing what they did for Lord of The Rings as well. Not only do they tie together, but are a pretty example of how a more sensible ending can cut down on some serious screen time!

Here in the link to the site. Enjoy the video!

4 thoughts on “How The Hobbit Should Have Ended

  1. If Gandalf would just summon the Eagles, and not bloody wait till desperation demands it, a lot of lives in Middle Earth wouldn’t be snuffed out. I swear, Gandalf is the bloody Yoda of the tale! He gets everybody killed!

    1. I know! They made the same point in their LOTR spoof. Basically, if Sam and Frodo had just been given a ride to Mount Doom and dropped the ring in, a whole year or journeying and countless lives would have been saved.

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