Terminator 5 News!

Terminator-5-UpdateIt’s official! Terminator 5 have been announced and some rather interesting news items have been released this month as to who will be attached to it. For starters, the production team of Megan and David Ellison, who brought us such movies as Zero Dark Thirty, Killing them Softly and True Grit will be spearheading it.

In terms of writers, there’s Laeta Kalogridis, a frequent collaborator with James Cameron who helped produce Avatar and also co-wrote the Fantastic Voyage and Battle Angel films and was a writer on Shutter Island, Alexander, Night Watch and the Bionic Woman pilot. She will be paired with Patrick Lussier, the writer/director of Drive Angry and Dracula 2000 and an editor with many films under his belt.

AI_arnyBut the biggest of all is that Mr. Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has apparently announced that he will be in the next Terminator movie as well. No telling exactly what role he will be filling, whether it will be an aging T-800 or as a regular human being. Then again, they makers might use his presence to do a little background on who the man was that inspired the original cyborg look.

Who knows? Point is, Arny made the announcement late last month, where he confirmed participation in not only this project, but also a new Conan movie. Wow, two relaunches at the same time. Who does he think he is? Sylvester Stallone? And in the end, it seems clear at least that in this particular cameo, he will not be appearing as a CG cyborg. Though to be honest, that was one of the least lame points of that movie…

Source: IO9.com, Screenrant.com

6 thoughts on “Terminator 5 News!

      1. Yeah, Christian Bale rocks. Plus the story was like something I might write, and they didn’t use a flabby Ahnold for the T-800. Plus the actors fit the role, which is more than I can say for T3.

  1. I agree with your assessment: T4 was good as a stand-alone movie, but the plot holes were too much to overlook.

    Some years ago I started writing a post-apocalyptic story in which the main character comes across the Terminator movies. Here’s his synopsis:

    T1: [Cyborg from the future chases woman around Los Angeles to kill her unborn son before he kills them.]

    T2: [Improved Cyborg from the future chases kid around Los Angeles to kill him before he kills them. Old Cyborg from the future defends kid.]

    T3: [Much improved Cyborg from the future chases guy and girl around Los Angeles to kill them before they kill her. Old outdated Cyborg wrestles with loyalty issues.]

    T4: [T-800 Cyborg in the future chased around Los Angeles by machines, thinks he’s human; Men and Cyborg try to kill machines before they get killed. Old revered Cyborg appears in cameo thanks to digital video photography]

    Then there’s his supposition about T5: [New Super Improved Cyborg chases man woman and baby around Los Angeles… while old outdated Cyborg 101 questions his sexual identity.]

    Let’s hope Kalogridis and Lussier come up with something better!

    1. I also meant to mention – maybe T4 will turn out to be a dream sequence, like Aliens 3. And while they’re at it, could we please resurrect Michael Biehn? 😉

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