Nominations for 2013!

fireworks1Folks, I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been getting real lazy when it comes to blogger awards lately. In fact, about 18 months into this blog’s existence, I think I pretty much made the decision to stop participating in them. But you know what, people didn’t stop nominating me, which created a bit of a backlog of acknowledgments and nominations. People must have thought I was a real snob!

So as an act of contrition, I’ve decided to do a big ol’ thank you to all the people who nominated me so far for 2013. There were quite a few, interestingly enough. One might think I’ve made it onto a few blogrolls in recent months! Or perhaps it’s just the season for it. In any case, I would like to thank the following people for the following nomination on the following dates:

Liebster Blog Award:

notestoponder – Feb. 28th, 2013

Next Big Thing Blog Hop:

Rami Ungar the Writer – Feb. 21st, 2013

One Lovely Blog Award:

Rigzen Chomo – Jan. 3rd, 2013

Reality Award:

Mary-Ann Feb 28th, 2013

Very Inspiring Blog Award:

Tazein Mirza Saad – Feb. 23rd, 2013
Fashion and Style Guru – Feb. 08th, 2013
Ripley Conner – Jan. 03rd, 2013

Thank you to all of you for thinking of me and bestowing these honors! And thanks even more for doing it in such a timely and coordinated manner. With this many awards, there’s no way I could possibly do all of them justice and make my own lists of nominees. There’s be just too many! And I swear I don’t have anything less to tell people about myself. Yes, thank you indeed because this really cuts down on the paperwork ๐Ÿ˜‰

But I promise, I shall do the right thing and properly thank you on a case by case basis in the future. Take care and thanks again!

7 thoughts on “Nominations for 2013!

  1. By my count I’ve had 8 nominations and I have only been blogging for about 9 months. Sorry to point this out, but if you do the math on these so-called awards, they are little more than chain letters. If a blog “award” requires you to nominate, say 7 more bloggers, and they in turn do the same, it only takes about 12 iterations for there to be more awards given out than there are people on this planet.

    1. Thanks for the perspective Mark. But rest assured, to those people I consider friends here, and who have the same feelings about me, this is something to be appreciated. It’s an acknowledgement of the people they respect, even if they don’t entirely like getting them.

      1. Oh, I realize that. I always acknowledge them and thank them for thinking of me. I just don’t take it beyond that. Now if you want to see a real blogging award, take a look at my BLAHS posts! ๐Ÿ˜›

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