Nominations for 2013!

fireworks1Folks, I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been getting real lazy when it comes to blogger awards lately. In fact, about 18 months into this blog’s existence, I think I pretty much made the decision to stop participating in them. But you know what, people didn’t stop nominating me, which created a bit of a backlog of acknowledgments and nominations. People must have thought I was a real snob!

So as an act of contrition, I’ve decided to do a big ol’ thank you to all the people who nominated me so far for 2013. There were quite a few, interestingly enough. One might think I’ve made it onto a few blogrolls in recent months! Or perhaps it’s just the season for it. In any case, I would like to thank the following people for the following nomination on the following dates:

Liebster Blog Award:

notestoponder – Feb. 28th, 2013

Next Big Thing Blog Hop:

Rami Ungar the Writer – Feb. 21st, 2013

One Lovely Blog Award:

Rigzen Chomo – Jan. 3rd, 2013

Reality Award:

Mary-Ann Feb 28th, 2013

Very Inspiring Blog Award:

Tazein Mirza Saad – Feb. 23rd, 2013
Fashion and Style Guru – Feb. 08th, 2013
Ripley Conner – Jan. 03rd, 2013

Thank you to all of you for thinking of me and bestowing these honors! And thanks even more for doing it in such a timely and coordinated manner. With this many awards, there’s no way I could possibly do all of them justice and make my own lists of nominees. There’s be just too many! And I swear I don’t have anything less to tell people about myself. Yes, thank you indeed because this really cuts down on the paperwork 😉

But I promise, I shall do the right thing and properly thank you on a case by case basis in the future. Take care and thanks again!

Nominated for a Beautiful Blogger Award!

Wouldn’t you know it? There’s yet another blogger award making the rounds, and I’ve picked up a nomination. And it comes from a new follower to this page, one who is equally if not more prolific than I am. So my thanks to Maarit-Johanna of Literature and Culture for the nod. May you musings on literature, the arts, travel and culture continue to inspire!

So… as always there are rules to this award. Four to be specific:

1. First up, thank the person who nominated you:
That’d be you, Mrs. Maarit-Johanna. Thanks a bunch!

2. Post the award image to your page:
Did that!

3. Tell seven facts about yourself:
-I love the smell of fresh air! City living is fine, but there better be plenty of green spaces to provide that scent of dense foliage and clean air

-I love cats and dogs. I grew up with the plenty of the former, but my wife’s love of the latter rubbed off on me. Now we need to get a big enough place to accommodate a few of each.

-I love to cook, bust suspect I might have only a few moves: Pasta, stir fry, stew and barbeque. But enough variations on these basic areas make it seem like I got lots of moves!

-I have a notorious passion for beer! I hope to one day be able to brew my own, and not from some sissy homebrew operation. I’m talking my own barley roasting, my own mash tun, and my own hops grown right out the back.

-Four books have inspired me more than any others: 1984; Guns, Germs and Steel; The God That Failed; and Dune. I’ve read plenty of good books, and quite a few great ones. But these ones stand alone as the one’s that blew my mind!

-My favorite colors appear to be green and black. Of all my clothes, the vast majority are one or the other.

-I’ve studied Taekwon-Do for a good twenty-four years and can’t really imagine life without it. I’ve gone for short periods without any training, and honestly felt like I something major was missing.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers:

Rendezvous Heath


Mark Sackler

Michelle Proulx

Vinny Lanni

Tazein Mirza Saad


Casey Sheridan

Erin Brady Pike

Czech the Flip



Vee Villarreal



Thanks again, and congrats to all those nominated by meeeee! 😉

125,000 Hits! Thank You All!

fireworks1Okay, it seems I have a few things to be thankful for this week. Well for starters, there’s my health. You always have to be thankful when that’s in your favor. Second, there’s the positive feedback I’ve been getting for my serial novel Whiskey Delta, which is just a few chapters shy of completion. Third, there is the nomination for the Beautiful Blogger Award (thank you Maarit-Johanna!)

And last, but not least, there’s the fact that I passed the 125,000 hit mark this evening. As far as milestone go, its a bit arbitrary, not like 100,000 or anything. But I still feel like some celebration is in order and some thanks are due. So as usual, thanks a million to those of you who have tuned in to my site on one or more occasions, and a special, hearty thank you to those who make it a regular scheduled stop on their daily jaunts through the ether of cyberspace!

One of these days, I hope to be able to afford a getaway where I can host gathering of this nature, but in person! They always say that the internet is excelling at bringing people together and fostering communities, but I still look forward to the day when I can actually meet some of the people I talk to regularly on this thing. But until then, I guess this interface will have to suffice, and for my part, I hope to be able to continue to provide entertainment. Thanks again and keep on trucking! And of course, there’s more to follow, so stay tuned…

Oh, and it seems I also passed another milestone. This is my 601st post, which makes Whiskey Delta – Chapter 36 the 600th. How about that? 😉

New Look!

Hey all and good morning. Do you like what I’ve done with the place? Yes, after months of wanting to spruce up my blog’s appearance, I finally got around to some house cleaning, tidied things up a bit, and finally put my awards up where you could see them. Good thing too, I was getting worried people would come by and think that the only one who appreciated all my rambles was me. That seem right to you?

Also, I’m thinking of a new theme. Months back, I picked the one you see, Chapters, from a lineup because I thought it was conducive to displaying samples of my writing. However, given the fact that you can only pick from the last 20 posts, I find it a bit frustrating now. As anyone who knows me is undoubtedly aware, I go through a lot of posts on this site, and I mean A LOT! For that reason, I insist on being able to scroll back a ways, and I’d like my viewers to be able to do the same.

Anybody know about a theme that is good for that, not to mention putting up images of a sci-fi nature? I’ve been dying to use some images, like the one featured at the top here – “Aurora Rising”, a Blade Runner inspired image by fmacmanus at deviantART. Lovely isn’t it? Click on it to get a full-screen view. Trust me, it’s awesome!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I got some more chapters to write and some article to pen. Big news in the world of exploration, sci-fi and other such things. Williams away!