Third article over at the CDM. And yes, the hackers were apparently traced back to an elite hacking unit. Scary!

China News

Chinese HackersIn recent years, a number of intrusions into major US firms and IT companies have led many to worry that a full-fledged cyberwar is gearing up between China and the US. After the most recent intrusions into such companies as Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, the New York Times and Bloomberg, it seems abundantly clear that those responsible were committed, qualified, and knew what they were doing.

Unfortunately, a recent report filed by Mandiant, the web security firm that began investigating the hacking that took place into the New York Times database, has only made things worse still. After months of going over the digital fingerprints left by the hackers, they have determined that a single party was responsible for it and all the other major intrusions. In their official report, Mandiant named Unit 61398, a hacking force within the PLA, have been stealing terabytes from data from the US since…

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