Searching for a new name…

KeplerIt was put to me recently that this site was in need of some rebranding. And I had to admit, she had a point. Storiesbywilliams doesn’t exactly paint an accurate picture of all that goes on here does it? It was a fair name back when I first started it, as a humble indie author hoping to showcase his own writing. But this site has evolved since then, so its only fair that the name evolve too.

So then… what to call this site? I’ve been thinking on it for the past day and have been coming up with too many possibilities, and yet none of them seem like a perfect fit. So I thought I’d do something that’s in keeping with the theme of this site and crowdsource it! I have a list of prepared names, but would love some suggestions.

I’m going to something that says science fiction, science and tech, astronomy, current events, fandom, nerdom, geekdom, video games, comic books, movies, literature, history, and the travails of writing. But nothing else! Don’t want to be overstepping my bounds here…

9 thoughts on “Searching for a new name…

  1. I was the first to vote, woohoo! “Awesome sauce” made me laugh – but I chose Williams World. My second choice, just in case you’re interested, would be Odyssey Online.

  2. I think there is no need for renaming instead you can write a short line in description. Search engine is capable of searching though description tags. I am telling you this because i will take some time for all search engines to modify their results. If you want to change the name, that is good but be sure to modify meta tags.

  3. I think your current name is still representative of the blog. Most of that science is your research for current projects, future projects, or possible story seeds.

    I did vote for Williams World because of old school, sci-fi sound and feel of it.

  4. Personally I like the name “Storiesbywilliams”, but if you have to change it, go with Odyssey Online. Williams World is too personable unless you’re going to be talking about your life more often, Future Forum makes it sound like a chat room, and Future Collider sounds like a very bad sci fi movie. Odyssey Online is the best of the bunch.

  5. I like “He who knows all.”
    I also agree with shubham gupta. The search engines will lose you. You will have to reestablish yourself. I vote for changing your blog design to something fresh and new.
    P.S. Thanks for all the likes. It’s always fun to see your shadowed figure grace my blog.

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