The Safehouse: A Revenger Mission Update!

Alchemy Symbols by sgtfarris
Alchemy Symbols by sgtfarris

It’s come to this, my fellow Revengers! We know where the answers to the Tyrene Code lies, even though we appear to be missing a key piece. After assembling the other paintings that make up the Tyrene collection and speaking to my source, we have come up with some theories regarding what’s this might all be about. Although things remains highly speculative at this point, we believe Tyrene came into contact with some kind of advanced or even alien tech in the past.

But regardless of what it is, it seems clear at this point that the international man of mystery known as Michael Tyrene drew great power from it. Given that, it’s little wonder then why this person known as “The Alchemist” wants to get their hands on it. No doubt they are assuming that if it gave one man extraordinary powers, it could another. And I’m thinking he’s not the only one.

Which means we need to do something about it. Since we have a location of where it is being kept, I’d say the only thing we can do now is move in and take it out. As we all know, super human abilities are not something to be treated lightly. And though there are those who might call us hypocrites for denying them to others, I think we can all agree, they are some things mankind wasn’t meant to possess!

Join me now in planning our assault on the Storehouse. Be advised, this won’t be an easy mission. As a CIA facility, it will be guarded, and I’ve already received some intel from our colleague Dark Angel that our meeting with my NSA source was being monitored. I think we can expect multiple challenges as we move to hit this place. So stealth and tact will be needed, until it’s not!

So… who’s in?

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