1000th Post! Yaaaaaay!

fireworks1Gee, I don’t know what to say here… Aside from the fact that this post coincides quite nicely with the 2nd anniversary of this blog, which just came and went, and comes what I can only assume will be a week before the site reaches the milestone of 250,000 hits. So I guess there are a few reasons to celebrate. And at times like this, when we take the time to look back, I also like to look ahead and see about what goals need to be set.

Well, in the last year I wrote two zombie stories which still need to be edited and released. And on top of that, I’ve already begun plotting the third and final one in the trilogy. When they are complete, I hope to release them individually and as a box set, so zombie fans can decide for themselves just how much reading they want to do! Trust me, I’m not sparing with my use of words, but I do like to think I keep them interesting.

Whiskey_DeltaThen there’s Yuva, which is coming along nicely, but needs a big push to get to the finish line. And who better than yours truly, el editore-en-hefe (that’s editor-in-chief for those who don’t speak mangled Spanish)? Of the sixteen stories in the anthology (we started with twelve), fourteen are spoken for. Not bad, but as the editor, I need to whoop some butts to make sure we make our summer deadline!

Ah, which is itself a bit of news. After talking it over with my co-editor and inspirational muse, Khaalidah Muhammed-Ali, we decided that a hard deadline was needed. Some people specifically asked for one when initially signing on, but I’ve left that somewhat open, as I’m kind of loosely-goosey when it comes to timetables. I’m more of a flex-hours kind of guy, task-oriented rather than time-oriented. But as it stands, summer of 2012 is when I hope everyone will have their homework in!

gliese-581.jpgAnd of course, Data Miners had just come out, and it’s proposed sequel, Data Pirates, has been sitting on the shelf for some time. DM took me three years to write, so naturally I’m hoping for a speedier turnover on this one! And whereas the first one focused on the subject of “white-hat” hackers, people who believe in freedom and information, Pirates will focus on the darker aspects of hacker culture, on the so-called “black-hats”.

DatapiratesAssuming I can get all that done in a timely manner, there’s the matter or revisiting a very long-term project, one which I’ve been working on since late in 2009. As some may know, I released a novel called Source some time ago. Almost immediately after I finished writing it, before it was even published, I began work on the sequel, entitled Fortress.

As part of the dystopian, distant-future collection, it’s a old-school sci-fi romp that is dark, gritty, and has lots of war, struggle, and mysanthropic impulses. However, I decided to commit to some sequels to it in order to ensure some measure of a happy ending. No dystopian story, unless its purpose is to issue a stern warning (see 1984 or Brave New World), should offer its readers some slim ray of hope (see Catch 22).

FortressYeah, I design covers before the work is even complete. What can I say, I like to see how a book will look, long before it’s even finished! Hopefully, these covers will pack a good 40,000 plus words in between their two folds. Oh, and if anyone knows a good editor who works for cheap, I could sure use their help! I like to write, I do multiple projects, but when it comes to my own work, I suck horribly!

And of course, there’s the editing that needs to be done for Rami and other friends, still yet to be completed. And always, the research into the future and what course it will take must continue. Always, always continue. The world is not slowing down and neither is the future, despite what some weirdos might say! 🙂

19 thoughts on “1000th Post! Yaaaaaay!

  1. I’d say at 1000 posts, that somewhat puts the lie to ‘I don’t know what to say’! Clearly you do, and you’re doing a great job of it! I love following your blog. And I’m not just saying that because you let me have talons and horns… 😉

    1. Awww, why thank you! You aint bad yourself. And that reminds me, its about time the Revengers got into the second part of their mission isn’t it? I believe that’s the part where we’re up!

  2. Speaking of INSPIRATIONS, that would be you Ubber Awesome Sauce Matt. Seems like you’ve been writing more than 1-2 posts daily. Do we need a recount?
    In all seriousness, I often use you as a measuring stick. I look at the sheer amount and quality of your output and ask myself “What are you doing, girl?”
    Your verve and fire are admirable and inspirational. I want to be like you when I grow up. Keep pushing and keep going forward. You are the bomb. Congrats.

  3. Yaaaaaaay….!
    Is it some sort of problem that I envisage Kermit the Frog when writing that..!?! Yaaaaaaay!

    Congratulations, Matt… You sure are one prolific writer…! 🙂

  4. Hi Matt – I’m just starting to branch into freelance editing and I’d be willing to take you on! I’ve studied at Penn, Oxford (England), St Andrews (Scotland), and Washington State Univ.; have a Master’s degree in English literature; and taught freshman writing at Washington State for two years. My author website is at http://www.erica-olson.com (although I don’t have any info on editing up yet). 🙂

  5. Hi Matthew! Wow, great work on 1,000 posts. Good for you!

    A friend and I are in the process of setting up an editing business. We’d love to help you out with your work, and we can offer competitive pricing.

    Drop me a line with what you’re looking for and we’ll work something out. You have my email address already. 🙂

    Good luck!

      1. I don’t remember the exact post. You wrote about several new scientific discoveries. One on coding DNA. I wrote a line or two of a story idea of a child carrying a code in his DNA that saves the world.
        You wanted to know if you could use the idea. I said yes.
        Will I came up with a whole plot under that idea.
        Even if you had used it, our stories would have been different.

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