Dealing with Spam

No-SpamI’ll say it right off the bat, I hate spam. No, let me express that properly: I HATE SPAM! And not the cheap, spiced ham that comes in a can. No, that at least has some comedic value, and the Monty Python troop made such good fun of it that the name has a permanent place in my heart. No, I refer of course to the useless adverts and unwanted solicitations that appear in your comments section whenever you log on to your website to see who’s stopping by.

Seeing as how feedback, especially the kind that lets you know you are reaching people, is so encouraging, is it not the most annoying thing in the world to find yourself beset by these uncaring, fishing, and indifferent messages? Sure, we all have been forced to accept that such garbage is simply the price we pay for using an unregulated internet, where its an open sea and you can expect to find your share of trolls, scammers, pirates and thieves. But lately, it’s becoming a total nuisance for me!

In fact, it’s gotten so bad that I’ve actually had to delete a post just so I would stop getting the free flow of useless comments that its come to attract. It was named “Anatomy of the Xenomorph”, and it contained a simple video clip that explains how the Alien costume designers have tinkered with the concept over the years. Don’t ask me why, but something in this article sends up the green flag for people looking to sell me Gucci, Cartier, glasses, handbags, running shoes, sexcam membership, free credit checks, and no credit check loans.

Because of this, it no longer appears on this site, mainly because I sank it in the hopes that it would take the rats down with it. Weeks of this stuff and I still wonder why these buggers were targeting it specifically. I’m sure many of you have seen the stuff I am referring to,  either on your own site or one you cruise by regularly, so tell me is these ring any bells…

One of the most recurring are ones that come with the name “lista de emails”, and they usually contain some nonsense message that lauds your post in such generalized terms so as not to give away the fact that they don’t have the slightest idea what you wrote in it. Others are less subtle, advertising their product directly in the message, cramming a whole of lot poorly formatted verbiage about deals and discounts and even services you can use to improve your website.

Seriously, do these sound familiar? Is it not just me getting hit up by these desperate bungholes? If so, what are you doing to dissuade these people? More than once, I’ve actually approved a comment from a repeat offender just so I could write back and tell them to F off! And now, I’ve deleted a post so they wouldn’t find that open door when next they come around. Do I need to modify my spam filter settings? Because seriously, far too much garbage is getting through here.

Oh, and if any spammers happen to be reading this, do NOT take this opportunity to solicit me, post how much you love my site with an advert link, or tell me I need to upgrade to some service of yours. Seriously deadbeats, back yer sh*t up! Not interested, don’t care, and trying to run a serious, refuse-free site here. So look for a sucker somewhere else!

11 thoughts on “Dealing with Spam

  1. lista de emails and brides to buy, are often in my comments queue. Luckily I’m on so askismet takes care of it befor it hits below my posts 😉

  2. I’m seeing the same spam, but it’s happily going into the spam. I have to scan through it because Akismet puts a few genuine comments in there.

  3. All the ones I get, even thought written in VERY general terms, are clearly from people who did NOT read the article. I used to have to search for it because a blogger I liked would comment and her comments were going into my span folder. But I got it fixed and she is now going through correctly. I haven’t cleared that fold out in a long time now. It probably needs it.

  4. I feel your pain. Apparently, they also spam by “liking” now. So I’ve disabled my “like” option and turned off comment moderation (in the hopes that real people will comment if they are real and the spam filter will kill the rest). They also spam by following, too. So your moment, as a blogger, thinking “yay! they liked me and followed me! I am awesome today! woohoo!” fizzles the moment you go to see who liked and followed you. It’s the kind of buzzkill that makes a perfectly sensible person mad enough to punch virtual kittens.

  5. My favourite comment currently populating my spam box reads:

    “I’ll not speak about your competence, the article just disgusting”

    LOL! I love it. I hate spam, but goodness if sometimes it doesn’t make me laugh.

  6. Used to have the same horrendous problem. Not certain how I corrected it though, but I believe I chanced the comment section and I think a kismet scans too. Either way it stopped. Google form suggestions because the solution was fairly simple. I feel your pain though. I had a painful time of it.

  7. It’s so annoying. But thankfully they’re easy to spot, as you say. If they obviously haven’t read your post, out it goes. And Akismet does a pretty good job of filtering them, I go through the spam folder about 2 or 3 times a week just so the job isn’t too big each time. A quick read and click the empty button. Job done.

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