Next Zombie Novel!

zombie_hardestpartHi folks! You may recall from the incessant way I keep posting about it that I recently published Whiskey Delta on Amazon-Kindle. And yes, after many a mixed review, I finally uploaded the 2nd Edition, the tighter, edited version, for purchase today. And now that I’ve tackled the first bit of advice all my reviewers had to give, I now go about dealing with the other. That would be the calls for a sequel.

Which brings me to the point of this post. As many people who follow this blog are also aware, Papa Zulu – the sequel to Whiskey Delta – has already been written. And like it’s predecessor, I posted it chapter by chapter on this site over the course of several weeks. And now that the first has hit the market and is selling, I need to begin prepping the second – which means proofing, editing, and giving it an appropriate cover.

The only problem is, I got a few contenders for the cover. There’s the one I produced some months back, and the more recent cover which I made with the upcoming release date in mind. Here’s the first, which boasts a drab and olive green color scheme and an image which I felt captured one of the biggest, most climactic moments in the story:


That was one version. I did another with the same picture but moved the color scheme around a bit to make it more stark and contrasting. But of course I worried that it was too much like its predecessor, who’s cover was also all olive and black. Just me, but I would imagine a second installment needs to look like it is striking a different tone, not fitting in or piggybacking on the first.


Ah, but after Whiskey Delta was published back in April, I began to wonder if the covers were a little boring and didn’t highlight the zombie-smashing enough. Now I’ve got someone on the task of creating me some original zombie art; but until such time that it is completed, I still needed something that screamed action, adventure and hails of gunfire. So here’s what I came up with in the meantime:


As you can see, went with an action shot, paired the color of the print to match the most eye-drawing color there (orange-red), and made the background solid black to bring out the surrounding darkness, and kept the borders olive green.Β  I do wonder if I should change those, or ditch them altogether. They are different from the first installment which had no borders at all, but I do question my obsession with them for this book!

So what do you fine folks think? Door number one, door number two, or door number three? Always good to have at least three options. And just for fun, I’ll put it all in poll so people can just point and click. But of course, if you have any additional comments or want to say why you think one is better than the others, please do so…

And to all my fine, zombie-smashing friends who are participating in the Zombie Warrior challenge and creating a character who will one day appear in this series, remember the most important rule of all:


14 thoughts on “Next Zombie Novel!

      1. Nope. I checked. The emergency wards are empty and there’s been a lull in flesh eating worldwide. That and nobody’s wandering around looking for brains… braaaaaiiins! Well, Tea Party aside, nobody’s looking to EAT brains.

      1. ahaha, would love to… is that serious, MW? do we have a deadline to do that? a character that’s supposed to be doing something interesting other than looking for brains to eat?… πŸ˜‰

      2. You are hunting zombies, you’re not one yourself. And there’s no deadline. Those who make characters have the added bonus of seeing them included in my next zombie novel, assuming they’re awesome enough!

      3. ah, that so? i’ve met a couple of them, in real life, haha. wow, that’s interesting – fashioning a character. hope i could make one, what a challenge… πŸ™‚

  1. For myself, I find the orange writing on the third one a little glaring. The first one looks like someone spilt water on the cover and didn’t mop it up fast enough. I know it’s camo, and it’s supposed to look like that, but I don’t like it for books.

    I like that the second one is similar to the first novel, in the colour scheme, but not exactly the same in design. It makes it more obvious that they are a series.

    1. Ahem, it’s not a camo pattern you see on the first, it’s the picture of the parachutes watermarked onto the cover. Gah, woman be all not clicking on the picture for a close up πŸ˜›

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