1000 Sales!

fireworks1Today was a red-letter day for Whiskey Delta and the dude who wrote it (that’d be me). According to Kindle Direct Publishing and Createspace, the combined sales of Whiskey Delta has just passed 1000 copies. And I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the people who helped make it possible.  I would name specific names, but at this point, that would be too many to count and I feel that everyone who’s been following this site since it went up has contributed to this milestone in one way or another.

So thanks are due to all! In fact, last night while I pondered the layout for book two, I decided that on the dedications page, I should make sure that the collective fanbase of Stories by Williams get a heartfelt thanks. So if you’re planning on buying a copy when it comes out (no pressure!) look for the part at the beginning where it says “Thank you to all the fans!”… or something like that. I will be talking ab0ut you people out there!

*Sidenote: In the future, you may notice me saying the following five words. They are sort of an inside joke, but also represent my long-term hopes for the series. It’s WD’s tagline, so expect to see if often in the future:

Six novels and a movie!

15 thoughts on “1000 Sales!

      1. Then might I recommend the iPad. It’s like reading a book, plus its got all those other features that make an iPod obsolete and satisfies the computer crave while you’re away. Mainly, I just need you to get an ereader!

      1. Doh is me! I took those down too. In preparation for the second book’s launch I deleted them all to cut down on the freeloader factor. Uh, I refer of course to those people I don’t know that would only show up to get free chapters. Not you, of course, lady Dark Angel, with the vengefulness and the wrathfulness and the “hey, hey, hey, it hurts!”

      2. LMAO – Freeloader… now I know you couldn’t possibly mean me? Unfortunately (for me) my reading schedule didn’t let me finish that one off; but fortunately (for you) I’ll now have to buy the book when it comes out to catch the end. 😉

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