100,000 Stars: An Interactive Exploration of the Milky Way

100,000starsWith interactive maps becoming all the rage, I had a feeling it was only time before someone premiered an interactive browser that would let you explore the cosmos. And now there is, and it goes by the name 100,000 stars. Personally, I would have preferred Google Galaxy, like I suggested before, but forget it! You can’t teach these big time web developers anything 😉

In any case, 100,000 stars is an experiment for Chrome web browsers, but it will also work with Firefox, Safari, or just about any other WebGL you might have. Open it up, and you can see where our Solar System is in relation to the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Then zoom in to see the local star groups that are closest to us, our sun, and the planets and asteroids that make up our Solar System.

Also, I should note that the site provides a guided tour for the newly-initiated. I recommend you use that first, then try tinkering with the settings a little before mucking about to get a look at our little corner of the universe. The site can be a bit clunky at times, but keep in mind that there’s plenty of graphic info that’s being streamed at any given time. But if your machine and/or internet connection is faster than mine (a distinct possibility) you might have no trouble at all.

Simply click here and start exploring!

Source: thisiscolossal.com

13 thoughts on “100,000 Stars: An Interactive Exploration of the Milky Way

  1. This is so cool Matt. I can’t wait to try it out. Finally, I get to like and comment on one of your posts. I’ve missed reading you my darling.

    1. Ah, why thank you. And what’s been happening with the others? Bad timing? Or too freakishly long since the author is so long-winded and in love with the sound of his own voice??? THAT BASTARD!

      I’m sorry… where were we?

      1. You may be long winded, but I love what you say. My blog is blowing up babe. I have over 950 followers on my blog now. It’s so hard for me to catch up on all the reading. I have a special connection with you though. You were one of my first followers. I hope I don’t disappoint you when I don’t like your work.

        Think I need to write some erotica. Got an idea for a scientist and a self proclaimed blonde bombshell scenario. Whaddya think? Giggle.

      2. Ha! I love it, and sell it! Seriously though, if you get a book done, let me know. I wanna offer some tips on indie publishing. But of course, I could be assuming you aren’t yet familiar with the services. Would you know how to proceed?

        Also, what do you mean “I hope I don’t dissapoint you when I don’t like your work”? You don’t like some of my work???

      3. My dear, I love all of your work. I really do. I am a geeky woman after all. I just don’t have time to read your work. Promise to catch up though.

        Maybe I will write a story for you. It’d be great. Maybe I’ll find you in your lab and kiss your neck. Lick my tongue down to your shoulder blade and bite down.

        I am published my darling. On Etherbooks.com. If you have an android or iPhone you can download my stories for free. Don’t forget to review them.

        How are you love????

      4. Ah, don’t worry about it. I couldn’t expect you to read everything I produce, it’s not humanly possible or particularly fun! On the other note, this Etherbooks, I think I heard of them. Are they a Print-On-Demand, or a self-publishing house? And they do they offer Kindle distribution.

        I ask because that’s what I’m using right now. Createspace is the engine I settled on, and they got a deal going with Amazon where they’ll make anything you publish with them available on Kindle. My zombie book is nearing 1000 copies sold! Yaaay! Personal best, and you know how good erotica sells right???

        P.S. How does Roger feel about you writing such steamy sequences about other men? 😉

  2. Awesome! I used to have a similar program called Celestia on my old ‘puter box. It was pretty cool too.

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