News 2050: Towers, Hypersonic Jets, Digital Eyes

BrightFuture Came across these in a recent research stint. It’s from BBC Future’s “What if?” section and is segment that deals with the coming decades, entitled News 2050. In a series of mock newscasts, they address likely scenarios from the future, looking at everything from emerging technology to environmental, social and political issues.

Here’s a sampling of what they’ve covered so far:

The world’s first 10,000 meter tower:

Hypersonic flights take-off:

Digital Eye Unveiled:

Pretty cool huh? And fun and educational. I’ll be looking for more of these segments from now on…

2 thoughts on “News 2050: Towers, Hypersonic Jets, Digital Eyes

  1. I like the idea of the 10000 m tower! I also like the idea of us all living underground, with forests and gardens and things on top. Using less space horizontally.

    1. Ah, well that’s where arcologies would come in. If we can build better in 3 dimensions, we’d have less urban sprawl. Down into the earth, up in the air, along cliff-faces, in gorges. And it’s getting way more plausible.

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