The Hobbit Deleted Scene

the_hobbit_an_unexpected_journey_movie-HDNo kidding! Despite the fact that Peter Jackson took a relatively compact book, cut it into three, and filled the edges with enough chaff and filler from the appendixes to turn it into three movies, it seems that are still some scenes that didn’t make beyond the cutting room floor. And this is one such clip that is making the rounds on the internet lately.

The clip comes from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey DVD release, which apparently has all kinds of behind-the-scenes stuff (no surprises there). If there’s one thing Peter Jackson likes to talk about, whether its on his website or with DVD extras, its all the time he spent behind the camera and the things he did.

In any case, this scene involved Bilbo and Elrond speaking in Rivendell. Not a lot goes on, but then again, that’s probably why it didn’t make it into the final cut. And its still enjoyable. Check it out!


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