Epic Rap Battles of History – Sci-Fi Edition

epic_rap_battlesRound two for Epic Rap Battles! This time around, I figured I should do a compilation of all their best sci-fi battles, arranged in alphabetical order. These include Batman vs. Sherlock Holmes, Darth Vader vs. Hitler (1 and 2), Doc Brown vs. Doctor Who, and finishes off with the classic Master Chief vs. Leonidas.


Batman vs. Sherlock Holmes:

Darth Vader vs. Hitler:

Darth Vader vs. Hitler 2:

Doc Brown vs. Doctor Who:

Master Chief vs. Leonidas:

5 thoughts on “Epic Rap Battles of History – Sci-Fi Edition

  1. Great Scott, these are great, and totally hot. The rappers are awesome dudes, they can rhyme and be rude. I rock hard when they battle, makes me write and put the petal to the metal. So let’s go, speak like Doctor Who’s Judoon–Blo Kro Cho Klo Mo–because these rappers are hardcore.

    1. Oh dear God… that was pretty good!

      Doctor Who, the man who made longevity cool, is no mere fool! He reincarnates every few years, and has hot assistants too! Now what about you? Vader? What the hell was up the midicholorians? You used to be bad, you used to be bold, before getting bitched by Kristensen!

      Hitler! They say you had bases on the Moon? You’re dead from a bullet and cyanide, and now your followers are totally screwed! If you had brain one, you would never had gone East and got stuck in the snow. Why don’t you and Goering go get drunk and snort some blow?

      You suck! F$@$ a duck! Evil empires always fall. Now the Daleks are all that remain, and they’re going to kill us all!

      1. Matt Williams on the mike, his rhymes are out of sight. He’s displaying vids that are blowing the tops off our lids. E and R and B, they’re teaching more than the channel known as History!
        So don’t go helter-skelter, author of Whiskey Delta. Get that next post up, get it written out! Or else you don’t want to know what behind your back I’ll be rapping about.

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