Epic Rap Battles of History – History Edition

epic_rap_battlesWelcome to the third and final compilation for Epic Rap Battles of History. After covering science and science fiction, I thought it was high time I wrap things up by honoring the historical aspect of the comedy troupe. After all, one of the things that makes these set ups funny is the way they weave fact with unadulterated silliness to make people laugh.

And so, here are the top picks for their rap battles that were truly historical and satirical. Granted, not all of the characters featured here are real, some are historical and/or cultural constructs, and some are just the product of a famous sci-fi geek’s imagination. But I think you’ll agree that it still counts!

Skits of note include Adam vs. Eve (the timeless battle of the sexes), Barack Obama vs. Romney (a 2012 election special), Columbus vs. Capt. Kirk, Dr. Seuss vs. Shakespeare, Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King Jr (featuring comedy duo Key and Peele), and Moses vs. Santa Claus (featuring Snoop Dogg, aka. Snoop Lion). Enjoy!

Adam vs. Eve:

Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney:

Columbus vs. Captain Kirk:

Dr. Seuss vs. Shakespeare:

Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King Jr.:

Moses vs. Santa Claus:

4 thoughts on “Epic Rap Battles of History – History Edition

  1. My votes:
    Adam vs. Eve: draw
    Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney: Lincoln (duh!)
    Columbus vs. Captain Kirk: Neither (didn’t like either)
    Gandhi vs. MLK Jr: Gandhi (did you hear that last line?)
    Santa vs Moses: Moses (can’t beat Snoop).
    By the way, where’s Shakespeare vs. Dr. Seuss?

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