New Movie Trailers: Catching Fire and Riddick

It’s been a boon week for movie news and previews, and I’ve found myself quite behind on a few things. Good thing it’s not my job to stay current, otherwise I would have been fired a long time ago! But as a genre fan, I feel the need to keep up with sci-fi news and pass it on whenever possible. And lately, the big news items have had to do with upcoming adaptations, sequels, relaunches, or all of the above.

catching-fire-movie-posterSo to save some time I thought I’d do a two-fer trailer post today and feature the newest trailers for Catching Fire and Riddick. Though I’m sure the former needs no explanation, for those who haven’t read or seen The Hunger Games, this would be the much-anticipated sequel. Still trying to finish this book myself, mainly because I promised I’d review the whole trilogy. Still, the plot for this one is really quite clear.

After winning the 74th annual Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta are called upon to do the Victory Tour, an event which occurs between games and showcases the winners. During the tour, Katniss is made aware of how their victory has inspired dissent, which puts her in a compromising position. Between fulfilling her role as a symbol of resistance and keeping up appearances, there’s plenty of high drama to be had!

riddick_posterAs for the latter, this would the latest installment in that particular Vin Diesel antihero engine known as the Riddick franchise. It began with Pitch Black, a movie who’s script was originally proposed for Alien 3 but rejected in favor of the whole prison planet plot. It went on to become a cult classic, spawning the much higher-budget Chronicles of Riddick.

In this third installment, its clear the movie makers have decided to recycle the plot from the first movie and have once again put Riddick on some remote planet where he is being pursued by Bounty Hunters and Necromongers. No sooner is he captured that hostile aliens show up and they all have to work together to survive. As he said in first movie, “It ain’t me you gotta worry about now.” At least Karl Urban is back, and Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck from BSG) is part of the cast!

Catching Fire is set to be released on  November 22, 2013, while Riddick will be premiering on September 6th. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “New Movie Trailers: Catching Fire and Riddick

  1. I’m not sure why I have such a block with the Hunger Games books. I want to read them, and I want to watch the movies, but the story seems so intense…so worried I’ll wind up wrecked if they pull on my emotions too much. Curse my delicate constitution!

    1. Sorry to hear that. You could always find a friend to do chapter by chapter summaries. Just the bare bones so you know exactly what’s going on without the terrible emotional highs and lows. That’s what I’m doing for Fifty Shades of Grey. Not that I would ever read it myself, but dangit if I don’t want to know what the heck the fuss is all about! But I refuse to subject my brain to that kind of abuse. So lucky for me, a friend selflessly volunteered to read it so the rest of us wouldn’t have to. And after reading the first two, she’s still alive and well… sort of.

      1. Yeah, I had to look up the cliff notes and spoilers on 50 Shades after I found I couldn’t even check my email without hearing about it…tried reading a few pages but couldn’t take it seriously. But you’re right, I may just have to spoil myself on Hunger Games at the outset to determine if I’ll traumatize myself with the full story.

        Ugh, it sounds so pitiful when I put it that way. xD

  2. I’m a real lover of Riddick. My preference is Pitch Black of course as it had more depth. I’m not entirely excited about seeing the new movie because i generally balk at sequels. They typically suck, but i like Riddick as a character enough to endure two hours of a new movie. Ok, honestly, I hate to admit it but I am getting excited about it because, well, did i mention that I love Riddick?
    So have you seen this?
    The Riddick motion comic? Its a nice segue between the last movie and the new one.

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