Video Promo for Whiskey Delta

Whiskey_DeltaFor awhile now, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a promotional video for Whiskey Delta and its upcoming sequels. As someone who has never done this before, I found the idea very appealing, though admittedly a bit daunting. For example, what could I – a humble indie – really do other than string a few images and some words together with some background music?

And of course, I was concerned rights and such. I didn’t want to get sued after all. Not before I’ve actually had a chance to become famous! But today, with not much else to do, I went over to Youtube and just dived right in. And after a few hours of tinkering and some stock photos which I bought straight up, I managed to put the following 41 second video together.

Please check it out and let me know what you think:

14 thoughts on “Video Promo for Whiskey Delta

      1. I’ve been writing more general fiction and narratives about changes in my life. Yes, I do have one erotic piece titled, We Were Enraptured. It’s pretty hot!

        Think I’m going to go buy your book today. YAY!

        Love, Renee

      2. Way! I wanted to read Whiskey Delta online, but I lack the discipline to do so. Holding onto a book and savoring every word is the only way I can get lost in a story.

        No sex scenes in sci fi please! Unless it’s between a human and android. Giggle.

      3. Whaaaat? Zombies aren’t sci-fi… exactly. Okay, its kind of grey area, but its generally considered horror, which has always relied on sex to some extent since the beginning of time. Ever see a slasher movie? Notice all the girls running around in belly shirts and short skirts?

      4. You’re right. Zombies are horror, not sci fi. Those girls that you speak of in slasher movies are stupid. I’d like to have a few stupid and hot boys in the next slasher film I see get their heads cut off. 🙂

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